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A Surprise in the Garden (Islamic Love Story)

One beautiful morning, I was standing on the first floor of my department, when I saw a girl stepping down from and expensive car (End of discussion). she was so beautiful that I decided to follow her, when I was tip toeing behind her, I saw her entering the masjid of the school,I began to wonder, had she not prayed salatul fajr before coming to school, but to my surprise, when was coming out from the masjid, she had changed her wears, she had changed her expensive wears to a casual one.

From that day on i decided to make her my case study, as from that day on I decided to come to school very early, each day she comes to school, I follow her, and she always goes to the masjid to change her wears.

One day, on my way to the masjid I saw her in the mist of some ladies, they were busy chatting and laughing, I decided to ask one of the sisters among them who she was.

“salamualeiki sister my name is Abduljaleel” and she replied back to me saying “waaleikasalam my name is Rukaiya”,

“Sister Rukaiya how is studies?

She said “studies is fine, Alhamdulillah”.

A­nd I said “MashaAllah, sister pleas who is that sister wearing a Navy color hijab?”

She replied, “she is sister Aisha”,

I thanked her and left for the masjid. After the masjid I went back to the class wondering why a girl like her would always change her wears, I came to a conclusion, I decided to ask her about it.

So, one Thursday morning I went to the spot her driver usually drop her, when she stepped down from the car it wasn’t only her this time around, it was her and a girl, I recognized the girl, she was Ameerah, the spoiled brat from a rich home, I was surprised when I heard Ameerah call Aisha sister.

When Ameerah left I decided to ask Aisha my question.

“Salamualeik­i sister, my name is Abduljaleel”

And she replied “waaleikasalam, my name is Aisha”

And I said MashaAllah. Sister please I have a question if you don’t mind”,

She replied “I pray I have the response to your question”

And I said “INN SHA ALLAH you will have the responds to my question.”

“Please why do you always change from expensive wears to casual wears each time you come to school,”

She was so shocked and surprised.

“How do you know that?” she said to me.

I said “I just want to know your reason for that” and then tears began to drop from her eyes and then she said “brother I will tell you why”

So much tears, I couldn’t bear it and she could hardly talk, then I said to her “I will see you later INN SHA ALLAH”.

In the class I sat down, wondering why she was crying so much, I decided to see sister Rukaiya. I left for Rukaiya’s department.

“Salamualeiki Rukaiya,waaleikasala­m, how are you?”

“Alhamdulillah Abduljaleel, and you?”

“Alhamdulillah” I said to her, “please Rukaiya I have a question to ask you”, she said you can ask,

“Why does Aisha dress the way she does? I said to her.

“Well brother all I can tell you is that Aisha is from a very poor family she has lots of worries”

I was shocked hearing this, “Aisha poor?” I asked again.

“Yes brother Aisha is poor, the clothes you see her wearing, I gave them to her”

“Really? I exclaimed, “OK Rukaiya thank you, jazakillahukhairan”

“Waa iyaaka” was her reply.

On leaving rukaiya’s place I went straight… to be continued


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