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A Surprise in the Garden (Islamic Love Story) Ep. 2

Episode 2

On leaving rukaiya’s place I went straight to the masjid I sat outside the masjid confused, how can Aisha be from a poor family, a sister I see with expensive clothes everyday when she comes to school ,a sister who comes to school with an expensive ride, hmm! I sighed I went home.

When I got home I told my mum about it, I said to her oh mum something is bordering me and she said “my dearest Abduljaleel what could be bordering you?”

So I told her about the incident with Aisha and she said to me “meet her again, ask her and I believe INN SHA ALLAH she will tell you the truth.”I thanked my mum and went to bed.

The next day was Friday, I was at school early as usual, I was waiting for Aisha, her ride arrived and she was with Ameerah the spoiled brat, Ameerah said to her “Ya Aisha I will see you later in the day INN SHA ALLAH” and she left for our department.

“Salamualeiki Aisha” I said to her and she replied “waaleikasalam Abduljaleel, good morning and how are you?” she asked me.

“Alhamdulillah” I replied to her. “Aisha can you tell me your reason today”

She said “INN SHA ALLAH I will, but first I need to go to the masjid to change my wears wait for me at the garden I will join you there soon INN SHA ALLAH.” I said “OK” and left for the garden.

After changing she came, “salamualeika” a voice said it was Aisha in tears again,

“Aisha why are you in tears again, does my question hurt you?, if it does I won’t ask you this question again” I said to her.

she said “no brother your question doesn’t hurt me, let me tell you the reason why I change into casual wears each time I come to school. Abduljaleel she said to me, I once had a sweet grandmother.


“My grandma was so rich, she was so rich that all her children lacked nothing ,my father Alhaji Abubakar was her last child. Any time I visit grandma she was always on casual wears, even when she was going out. One day I decided to ask grandma despite been rich why she always wore casual wears and behaves like a poor person.

I was so eager to hear her reason, So, I asked her, “what did you grandma say?” Then Aisha replied to me in tears, “grandma said my dear child, when I was a young lady like you, I was so famous because of the wealth of my parent, but one day on my way to school, I saw a young lady of my age wearing tattered clothes with a plate of begging in her hand, she was there but she was not actually begging, while I was looking at her I got carried away and spat on her, then she said to me, how could you do this to me and I began to apologize to her but she didn’t answer me, so I left. while I was walking I went into a garden and I sat there that same lady was at the garden I didn’t notice her ,she was looking so elegant and beautiful this time, I didn’t recognize her at first. “Salamualeiki” she said to me, “waaleikisalam” I replied, may I sit with you she said to me and I said to her “of course why not”. When she sat down she said to me “sister do you remember me? and I said to her, “no, I don’t.” then she showed me the tattered clothes and plate I saw her with.

Grandma was so surprised to see that that same lady could look this elegant, “I am so sorry about the spiting” grandma said,

”It’s ok, but I hope you don’t do that to another person no matter how they are dressed” she said and grandma replied “INN SHA ALLAH such won’t repeat itself”

“My name is Maryam” the lady said and grandma said to the lady “my name is fareedah.”

“sister marya­m may I ask a question please” grandma said.

“Of course you can and I pray I have the answer to your question” said maryam.

“INN SHA ALLAH you will” grandma said.

“OK then ask” maryam said.

“if you have such expensive and nice clothes why did you wear such tattered clothes?” asked grandma.

Maryam sighed, “hmm!”

“Do you know what she said to grandma” Aisha asked me and I said “tell me Aisha what did maryam say to your grandma?”

Aisha said “Ok, I will tell you. Maryam said to grandma, “I dress like this to remember death, I know that if I keep on living in luxury I will forget about my grave, so dressing like this makes me remember that even when I die I won’t be buried with such wears so for me to remember death I test the life of the poor, A poor man never forgets death even when he is eating, because they have not time for luxury.”

Grandma was so… to be continued.

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