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Biade Fola | African Short Stories & Poetry + Nigerian Music Lyrics
Biade Fola | African Short Stories & Poetry + Nigerian Music Lyrics

“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry”             – That’s according to Cassandra Clare.

Biade Fola

Biade Fola, the boy is basically a literature freak – a reader, writer, and an expressionist. He’s in an unending and intense romance with the arts, literature, and nature. He often turns the pages and scrolls the screen, always buried in the black and white. He is addicted to caressing the ballpoint and poking the keyboard, bringing thoughts to letters, to words, to expressions.


He loves creating the reads a lot but he’s probably not a great writer…  maybe not even close. Maybe he’s not even fit to be regarded as one. He just happens to be someone whose mouth is better at munching the chow than saying the thoughts; he expresses himself better using the text than he would ever do using the speech. Don’t get it twisted, he is not mute. He makes Youtube videos.

Biade Fola, the blog is the Shangri – la  of your expressions!  Here, you can let loose and share those crazy thoughts and ideas you have been hoarding for days or maybe months. Here there’s no judgement: We are all culprits of expressions!

Want to express yourself anonymously? No, we’re not that crazy! I mean we’re not crazy enough to say no to that. See, anonymous is an expression in its self.

O yea who talk through the bic or the keyboard, you’re poet,  a writer… maybe you just wanna read, welcome. You just found you a clique.

You can start expressing yourself right away!

Join the expression clique now.

Biade Fola offers expressionists in ‘the clique’ varieties of freebies. Join and find out what you stand to gain.

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