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Anger (A Poem)

Anger does not know that its "owner" doesn't have a strong footing" so the Yoruba saying goes. Yaqub Toyeeb Abiade gives an insightful opinion on this piece.

Anger does not know that its “owner” doesn’t have a strong footing” so the Yoruba saying goes. Yaqub Toyeeb Abiade gives an insightful opinion on this piece.

Anger (A Poem)

“Wait!” “Wait!!’

The yell hollowed after him

Grinning wickedly,

Gnashing… lathered up in anger,

Temper aflame and erupting in down pour of emotion

He cut the air into shreds

And left its remains to mix with the innocent soil

Puffing with his widening noise,

Bloating like an air blown balloon,

He roared from the south, and the reverbs was heard in the North,

He heaved the roar of an emotion pricked lion,

He walked, and ran swiftly as possible

Shaking to the rhythm of his pitiful temper

His legs danced

As if responding to beats from a lousy stereo

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His anger whirling and tossing

Met on anyone  in sight by choice or coincidence

His soul was awash with waves of rage, agog with a mass of unhampered anger

He punched the air with mighty unforgiving blows

The soul was ablaze,

Fury flooded the mind

His action stormed and raged like the ocean waves

What an action!

In a minute

He dried up a sea

He moved a mountain

He destroyed the core, he battered the basis,

A bulldozer for an emotion,

What a temper! shorter than a full stop.

Billions of pleads remained on deaf ears

The temper danced away like a lost pauper,

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Night will come,

But the light destroyed by anger will stay away,

…and unassailable darkness will reign


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