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Asexsion: Nineteen (B)

After winning the candidacy of his party, Hakeem's Long man lands him in hot soup. A dead girl was found in his bed. He was charged with murder!

After winning the candidacy of his party, Hakeem’s Long man lands him in hot soup. A dead girl was found in his bed. He was charged with murder!

Nineteen (B)

I laid her on her back and her breasts set off in different directions, one went south-east, the other to the south-west. Her legs followed in the same pattern as I divorced them wide open and her well-trimmed Honeywell stared invitingly at me and my long man… well you should know that was what he had always wanted. He dived in head-on but was met with slight disappointment. That place had gone slack.

If not that my long man was never a rude fellow especially when the grudge was about the walls of a honey well he had already peeped through, he would have emigrated right way from her sin city for it didn’t give him the pleasure he so anticipated, it was so loose and deep that my long man felt very lonely in the walls of the sin city.

I had to improvise. I salvaged the situation by closing up the loose walls. I reunited the earlier separated legs together and formed form a makeshift tight center. Trust me, it worked.

My long man now felt like he was truly among and mixing with the sin city walls, the close-up helped Laura too. She screamed as my long man stroked her walls, her hands fumbled all over my body. She wanted more and more and since I was on duty full time that night, I took my time, gave it to her, the way she might not have ever imagined.

We did it over and over to the late midnight. We took a break around two thirty in the morning. We… well, I thought I was going rest for a little while and go again but I went on into a very deep sleep and woke up at about eleven o’clock the next day.

I woke up next to Laura who appeared to still be sleeping. I was supposed to let her be but my long man was not sleeping and wanted at least one quick sharp visit to the dungeon before we move on.

So, to appease my long man, I move to stimulate dear Laura. My hands strayed those ample parts of her body. It fondled her breasts, caressed her, I sent my middle finger and the one next to it for a visibility study in her sin city all to arouse her but she seemed so wasted from the last time out that she didn’t even notice a thing.

After several failed attempts to make her prepare to host my long man in her sin city, I gave up. I went for my bath and cleaned up. It was when I tried to wake her up that she didn’t answer that the reality dawned on me. She had stopped breathing. She was dead.

It was then that I realised that I was in trouble, big trouble at that. How do I prove that I didn’t kill her? A million options of what to do next might have raced through my mind but in the end, I somehow found myself calling the police. I didn’t know why it was the police that I called but I sure did remember my experience from that decision.

It was in the thick of the legal battle for my name and survival that Barrister Hassan Hassan came back to my life, to the rescue. She didn’t only clear my name but saved my political career.


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