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Between The Devil and The Blue Sea

Choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea is very difficult, my dream is about to crash. Read my story and advice me.

Choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea is very difficult, my dream is about to crash. Read my story and advice me. “Between The Devil and The Blue Sea,” enjoy.

Between The Devil and The Blue Sea

There is this common saying about choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.  For many this is just a catchy phrase or some kind of usual sayings.  Well, I have seen life in it all its nakedness. I have been confronted with the craziest of choices. I have had to choose actually between the devil and the deep blue sea. I have made hard choices with hard lucks and pockets of regrets but this is my toughest decision ever. I’m in a die or die situation. I have to choose between the Real Devil and deepest of the deep blue sea.

This Is My Story.

My name is Anayo. I used to be a very handsome young man. Maybe I still am, but during glory days of my looks, I was almost everyone’s toast. Girls beef girls and boys beef me because of me. In the midst of the rigmaroles, I had one big problem- I was broke. In fact, I was perhaps the most broke guy of my time. Many a times  I had been bailed by girls that wanted to be with me. I took their money though I knew felt nothing for them. I was often confronted by guilty conscience and beaten by hateful words of girls who thought I was a “gold digger,” “gigolo,” “lazy fine boy” among other disgusting names I got.

When I got to 300 level, I decided to stick my neck and stopped dating girls for money. I decided to hustle. Looking back at the options of hustle I considered and the one finally settled for, I realized the girls who hurled insults at me might have been right after all. The first option that I considered was internet fraud package that is popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo, but I was too broke to afford a laptop and modem, nor did I have the resources to buy browsing minutes at cyber cafes, so I devised a strategy- I would hustle elsewhere and raise money and acquire the gadgets for the fraud business.

I somehow happened to be a book warm. The fact that I didn’t struggle to pass exams had brought offers of impersonation my way in the past which I rejected. I went back to these ‘clients’ and started taking ‘jobs.’

In the first semester of my final year, I met Chinenye on one of my exam malpractice gigs. It was a 300 level borrowed course from Economics. Chinenye was retaking the course. She recognized me from the time we had it together in 300 level and was surprised that I was retaking it. she was taking surprise glances at me throughout the exam. I glanced too. She was hell cute! She thought I was brilliant and should not have failed the course.

“but what exactly happened?” she asked immediately she could after the exam.

“Babe chill. That’s not a cool way to start. My name is Anayo but you can call me Neyo” I said in my suave voice.

“call me Neye… so what happened? I can’t believe you carried PHL 301”she pummeled me again.

“Shit happened. I had an accident on the exam day.” I lied.

That was how we got cozy. Chinenye was the first ever girl to tickle my fancy. I fell hard for her. Every moment with her was happier than the previous. She loves me too, maybe equally, maybe more than I love her. Who cares about love calculation anyways. Every moment with her was golden and I couldn’t dare imagine anyone putting asunder.

We got more and more serious. She revamped my life all together. Okay, I didn’t mention she is from a wealthy home, yeah she is. Her folks her stupendously rich and she flowed the wealth on me.

Two months before our final exams, she sat me down told me all she thought I needed to know about her. She felt we should not have any secrets. She asked me to open up too.

“Please tell me everything now, I don’t want to be confronted with your past going forward. No matter how bad, you think they are, tell me. It will break my heart if you lie and got exposed in the future. I will never forgive you.” She had said.

I was ashamed of my past and didn’t want to look inadequate or flawed to her, so I kept mute. I told her I couldn’t tell her I dated for money; I didn’t want her think I was with her for her money. I didn’t tell her I used to impersonate. Ii didn’t want her to be mad at me for lying about the PHL 301 exam. So I lied. I only gave her some skirmishes about my smoking and drinking habits. She took me to her fellowship pastor and he prayed for us. I was baptized and I started life anew, leaving all the bad acts of the old in the past. I became more involved in the fellowship events and got accolades for easy acclimatization with the ways of the lord. I became a reference point. “look at bro Anayo,” “For example bro Anayo,” “even bro Anayo that came few weeks ago,” the reference poured in and it became hard for me to entertain any part of my past. I had no need to. Everything was perfecvt. I found peace with God, and found love and comfort in Chinenye. What more could I ask for.

Honestly, I never took it serious whenever I catch the phrase ‘hell let loose’ until Bernice showed up. I dated Bernice on and off for 3 years. I never loved her so always run off and go back to her again when I go back to being broke. She was in course mate and was practically not graduating with us. She had one or two courses to retake. I used to impersonate for her but had no reason to anymore since I met Nenye. Its her problem not mine.

The past is the best relay runner, it has a way catching up with you when you think you’re already at the finish line. Bernice called me immediately the exams time table got out. She wanted me to impersonate for her again and I refused flatly.

The refusal marked the climax of my problem. When I thought I had refused and that was all, problem was just starting. She got someone else to write the exam for her and they were caught. She blamed me for her woes. She thought I was an expert at the illegal act and would not have been caught.

She barged on me and Nenye in the love garden and dragged me to corner where she gave me ‘the threat.’

“Now you are happy eh? I am not going down alone. I will bring your lazy ass down with me. I’m facing the panel on Monday and I’m sure implicating you. I know this day might come, and I am prepared. I have screenshots and pictures.”  She threatened.

I begged her to please have mercy on me. “Please don’t do this to me.” I begged but she refused. She insisted she cannot lose it all. The only way she can free me is if I dump Nenye for her. It was bizarre and impossible.

Now I have to choose between the love, the joy of my life and my B.Sc degree, toil of four years. I have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. Bernice is the devil, Losing the love of my life is the the deep blue sea.

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