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Sparkling Tears (Episode 6)

Not only AbdulMalik has eyes for Farida, Even Zayd does but she has eyes for only one person. It is only Saleem that gets her emotions up. She would stick to the hope of getting him to love her back for as long as possible. Her next step is to confront Saleem and make her feeling known to him.

Episode 6

She was about to say something when he saw some of his friends, he told her to excuse him for a while, he stood up, went to his friends, spent thirty minutes talking less important matters with them, knowing that Farida was still waiting, he didn’t burgh. Farida sat patiently waiting for him. When he returned, he picked up his bag and told her he had to leave with his friend.

Farida’s heart was shattered, she felt cheap, sad, hurt and broken. Her eyes were glittering with tears, she couldn’t let her tears pour, she just nodded her head and told him it was ok, they could speak another time. He walked away before she could complete her statement.

She stood there for a while with tears filled in her eyes, she began walking to her hostel slowly, she almost hit someone, without looking up, she apologised and walked away.

Abdulmalik speaks with Farida via the phone almost every day, he talks to her, makes her laugh and tell her lot of encouraging words. He still hasn’t disclosed his feelings to her and she still had feelings for Saleem.

Zayd was still trying to woe Farida but she was always turning him down.

Weeks later

“Farida!” Baheeja called.

“Do you still have feelings for Saleem?” she asked out of concern.

Farida, who on hearing the question was in tears,” yes! she replied. I still have feelings for him, I love him so much and i don’t know why” she added.

“Have you tried telling him about it?” asked Baheeja.

“I almost did, she said painfully but he didn’t give me the chance.”

“Why not try today, he will be torturing me for some course, you can come along and confess your feelings to him” Baheeja suggested.

“Alright, I shall try” replied Farida.

Later that day.

Saleem came to tutor Baheeja as she said. Baheeja gave Farida the chance to speak with Saleem.
“How was your day?” Farida began.

“It was fine” he replied without looking at her.

She still didn’t mind.

“Saleem I am sorry, it just that..”. She didn’t get to complete her sentence when Saleem saw a girl and began speaking with her ignoring Farida.

Farida smiled with tears in her eyes. She quietly left him speaking with the girl. She left for her hostel without waiting for Baheeja. While she was walking to her hostel, someone was running after her, the person was running to catch up with her.

“Farida wait up” zayd kept saying as he was running towards her.

Farida stopped walking on hearing her name, she couldn’t neglect zayd, despite knowing she had no feelings for him, she was always willing to hear him out.

“Zayd, its late, I can’t talk to you right now” she spoke with a lump in her throat.

“Farida! are you ok, you sound as if you have been crying.”

“I saw you talking to Saleem in the class, I was waiting for both of you to be done but before I could notice you were gone, is everything alright? he asked out of concern.

“Yes, all is fine” she replied.

“I hope so” he added.

“Farida won’t you please give me a chance, I love you and I want it to lead to Nikkah, please just give me a chance” he pleaded.

“Am sorry zayd, I really don’t feel that way towards you and i can’t pretend to love you, it won’t be fair on your side” she replied.

“I don’t care, let me love you, I don’t mind my love been one sided, if only you will be my partner, I shall be contented.”

His words hit her, that was the exact words she wanted… to be continued.

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