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Fifteen Things to not Tell a Feminist

If you want to have peace with a feminist, it's best you avoid saying at least these fifteen things. There are more but at least avoid these fifteen

If you want to have peace with a feminist, it’s best you avoid saying at least these fifteen things. There are more but at least avoid these fifteen
Top fifteen things to not say around a feminist
1. “I’m the man, I should do this”
👉 In other words you mean there is a limit to her capabilities, because she is a woman
2. “It’s your duty to cook”
👉 You mean she belongs to the kitchen and dare not dream of life outside it
3. “You can’t dress like that, you’re a woman”
👉 In other words she has no freedom to choose her own style
4. “God said the man is the head”
👉 So you’re saying the feminist is a sinner for seeking emancipation
5. “You should take care of the home”
👉 The Feminist doesn’t hate the home. on the contrary she loves it but won’t take it when you expect onle her two do a job meant for two.
6. “You’re a wife material”
👉 You’re limiting her scope. She wants to be a wife, a mother, and every other thing that you can be not just a wife.
7. “You need to change this attitude in case you get married”
👉 You’re assuming she should mould her life to satisfy another person. She just wants to find fulfillment, there is definitely someone who likes her like that
8. “You look beautiful”
👉 she prefer that you see her through the lens of her accomplishments, not her looks
9. “After you please, ladies first.”
👉 A feminist doesn’t belief in preferential treatment, most importantly shes not a cheat. she likes to wait her turn.
10. “I am a man, I should pay the bills”
👉 You are implying she can’t afford to pay the bills based on her gender. There are women who are richer than women but misogyny wont let know.
11. “That’s how women do”
👉 It’s stupid to put all women in one basket like we’re a group of Zombies
12. “You can’t do this you’re a woman”
👉 You cannot predetermine the chances of my success based on my gender.
13. “Women are weaker vessels”
👉 Tell that the man who got beaten by his wife
14. “I’m your husband, I should know before anyone else”
👉 You should know before anyone else because we are in a relationship full of love, respect and trust not just because you’re my husband.
15. And 1,000 others things.
👉 I’m not a feminist, I’m not a girl but the more you learn, the more you know.
+++ Feel free to add yours.
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