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Forgive Me (Episode 2)

Episode 2

One day Naheem asked her for her cell contact and she gave it to him since she respected him a lot, she see him as a decent married man and a brother.
Their first few conversations were casual until when Naheem asked her to speak with his wife and she happily did.
Life was good and peaceful for all three of them. Anisah visited Halira when she could and they both got to understand each other.
Anisah still sees Naheem as a decent married man and a brother. She adores Halira and she respects her a lot.
One day Naheem asked Anisah to go out with him, he told her, he wants her to be his girlfriend. When they both get to know each other better, he would marry her.

She was adamant, she couldn’t go out with a man who is married. She asked him if Halira knew about this and his reply was a “NO”.

“Come and see my parents first” she suggested.

He said they need to understand each other better.

“I can’t go out with you Ya Naheem. I can’t be secretly be cheating on your wife, I can’t take away the time you need to spend with her. She is too good to be cheated on. If you truly want me, then marry me and take me home, after all you are a Muslim.”

He was too obsessed with her charms to understand her terms, he doesn’t want another wife, he just wants her. And she wasn’t ready for what he was asking from her. An affair outside Nikkah, that was the last thing she expected from him.

He kept on insisting, sending her text messages, buying her gifts, she got fed up and had to change her contact.

When her number wasn’t going through, he visited their store only to find her mother. He greeted her and asked her if Anisah was home. Anisah’s mom has gotten to know Naheem too as a good man.

“Anisah is not home” she said.

“Hmm” he sighed softly.

“Is everything alright?” mother asked.

“All is well, just that I need to talk to her and her contact is not going through” he said.

“Anisah changed her contact, I guess she forgot to tell you” mother said. “But,here it is, you can call her via this contact” mother added.

Naheem was so happy he thanked her and left.

Two weeks later

Are you saying you want to have an affair? Yusuf asked out of surprise.

“Yes I want to have an affair.

I know this place…Naheem exclaimed. This is the house of Anisah’s parent, he added.
“That’s right” umar said.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

“We are here to do things the right way, either you tell her parents you have interest in their daughter or one of us here will marry her, we dont want you pushing yourself to hell itself, that’s what shaitan want but we don’t want this for you.”

Hmm!…he sighed softly. “am not ready for this” he said.

“You are not ready for this but you are ready to have an affair with her, am I right?” asked Yusuf.

“Well if you ain’t ready for this, I am… Since I am the single one amongst us here” said Yusuf.

Naheem looked at him the filled with darkness, the eyes that shows the anger of a pissed lion.

“You must be joking” said Naheem.

“I am so serious and am sure the rest are in agreement with me. We are brothers, we should protect each other from hell, that’s why we practice Islam. I don’t appreciate extra marital affair, it’s a key to hell and I don’t want you to buy that key yourself.”

“It’s my choice buying the key, let me buy it” said Naheem.

“Am sorry brother, but,I am going to marry this lady” said Yusuf.

Naheem left his friends in anger while… to be continued.

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