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Forgive Me (Episode 3)

Episode 3

Naheem left his friends in anger while Yusuf, Abdullah and Umar walked into the house of Anisah’s parent.
Her parents received them warm heartily and they were pleased. They accepted yusuf’s proposal and Anisah agreed to marry him.

Yusuf and Anisah got to know each other better and it was time for their Nikkah.

Naheem didn’t stop calling Anisah, he kept trying to convince her not to marry Yusuf but she refused to listen to him.

Nikkah day

Celebrations were taking place everyone was happy. The bride was to be escorted to her husband’s house and to her surprise Naheem is one of her husband’s friend. Naheem met with Yusuf and His friend and apologise to them on his previous behaviour, they accepted his apology believing he has changed.

He requested for Yusuf to allow him be the one to bring Anisah to his home and Yusuf agreed.
Friends and relatives who are to accompany Anisah sat in different cars, only two of her friends were allowed to sit with her in the car prepared for her.

She sat in the car only to find Naheem as an escort from her husband, she wasn’t worried since two of her friends were with her. Naheem kept throwing glancing at her view the front mirror, but she never paid attention to his glancing.

Getting to her husband’s house safely, everyone was happy for her except Naheem.

Months later

“Alhamdulillah, Naheem is going to be so happy with this news” Halira muttered.

On getting home from the hospital, she was happy to find her husband home.

“I have got a good news for you” she said bashfully.

“And what news could be as good as having you in my life?” He asked her.

“I am pregnant” she uttered.

“You are what?” He asked her to be sure.

“I am three months pregnant” she said again.

He was so happy for the news he heard.
From that day on,he took care of her like an egg.

Naheem didn’t visit the house of Yusuf frequently, he was so jealous and still obsessed with Anisah. Things were going well for everyone of them.

One day… Naheem visited Yusuf’s home knowing Yusuf travelled. He said lots of salam’s without getting any replies, he opened the door and invited himself in, he looked around the sitting room and found no one. He made himself comfortable. He turned the T.V on.

Anisah stepping out of the bathroom remembered switching off the T.V. “I am the only one at home,who could have turned the t.v on?” she asked herself.

She thought of finding out, perhaps it could be her husband who wants to surprise her from his return, she thought to herself, on getting to the sitting room to her surprise she found Naheem in place of her husband sitting comfortably on the sofa and there she was with a towel wrapped around her chest… “Innalillahi wa’ina’ilahi rajiun” she exclaimed.

She couldn’t… to be continued.

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