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Forgive Me (Episode 5)

Episode 5

Life was peaceful for everyone, except for Naheem who is still obsessed with Anisah.

Naheem and his friends were having a casual discussion on life issues. When Naheem lied to his friends that, he had to get something from home, he clearly told his friends not leave until he was back, they agreed to wait for him.

He left them and headed to yusuf’s home. On reaching their he told the security guard Yusuf had asked him to get something for him from home.

The security man haven known Naheem allowed him in. Naheem opened the door without knocking nor salam. Anisah was shock seeing him but before she could say anything he. He closed the door and pounds on her.

“What are you doing, stop this” she said in tears.

“I told you just once, you are like a drug in my body, and until I have you I won’t stop.”

“Am not a drug, shaitan wants you to do this please stop” she cried in her struggles but he was too strong for her. He removed her clothing and she was still struggling.

“Stop please­ I beg you” she kept saying in tears. “You will regret this” she kept on telling him.

But Naheem was too obsessed with her. With so much struggle she couldn’t succeed so she gave up.

“Have your way with me, after this you will leave me alone. I have tried to stop you but you still ain’t listening.”
“He wasn’t listening” he forced himself inside her.

“Ya salam”

Anisah was in tears, pain, anger and bitterness was all she felt. The next thing, they had was a salam behind them.

” Innalillahi wa’ina illahi rajiu”.

“What are you doing? Auzubillahi minal shaitanin rajim!” Exclaimed, the security man from behind them.

Naheem immediately stood up and he ran out of the house.

Anisah was in tears, she couldn’t control her tears. The security man couldn’t look at her, he immediately stepped out of the house.

“Oh Allah!” She kept saying, “please forgive me, please forgive me, please forgive me.”

Naheem entered his car and drove off. He didn’t go back to his friends, he drove home without knowing he was heading home.

“What have I done? Ya Rabbanna. Pleas for give me dear Lord” he kept saying.

When he got home, he was surprised to find his friends in his house with angry expressions on their faces.

Naheem felt like running on seeing the expressions on his friends faces.

“I…am…so…sorry.­..” He started to stammer..

“Hey man! What are you sorry about?” asked Yusuf.

“We waited for you but didn’t see you, so we thought of coming to find out why, we are happy you are alright” added Umar.

“But, looking at you now, you look all shaking up,a re you ok? Did something happen to you?” Abdullah asked with concern.

“Yes…emmm…I mean No…”

“Hmm! Brothers, looks like Naheem needs some rest, let’s leave him be” suggest Umar.

“Rest man, we will get together some other time” said Yusuf.

The men headed out to their various destinations.

“Naheem” halira called out to him. he was far deep in thought.

“Naheem…Naheem…Naheem” and he was startled by her touch.

“Are you OK?” she asked. “You look pale and your eyes are swollen…are you sick?”

“You are not fine, pleas talk to me what is going on?” she asked him softly.

He looked at her with tears… to be continued.

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