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Forgive Me (Episode 6)

Episode 6

He looked at her with tears filled in his eyes and he began to sob uncontrollably…

Anisah was still sitting on the sofa where everything happen. She didn’t notice Yusuf come in.

“Anisah are you alright?” he asked her.. “why are you like this, what happen, why are you in tears, is everything alright?” He kept on asking her all the questions that pop in his head but she couldn’t answer any. All she could do was cry.

What could he do, who would he asked. He couldn’t ask his security guard because he told him not to come inside the house when he is not home, he was helpless and worried.

“Pleas talk to me” he kept on persuading her but she was quiet.

“It’s ok if you don’t want to tell me but let’s go inside the room so you can wash yourself up” she was getting up and he was helping her but she collapsed.

“Anisah…Anisah…­Anisah….  Innalillahi waina’illaihi raji’un. What is happening Ya Rabb, I don’t understand all this.” He immediately carried her to his car and drove her to the hospital.

She was checked and it was confirmed she was r*ped. Haven heard the news Yusuf was shocked. His wife r*ped. By who and why. He immediately called his friends to tell them the news his friends rushed down to the hospital to meet him. They were all shocked and worried. Umar and Abdullah came except for Naheem. Let’s report this to the police, suggested Umar. We will, but, first I must interrogated someone.

Yusuf in company of his friends went to the house.

“Abu…Abu…Abu…” Yusuf called out.

Abu came running from the backyard.

“Abu! “What happened to my wife…which man visited my house in my absence?” Asked Yusuf.

“Sir…emm…it was…”

“Spill it out already!” shouted Abdullah.

With the roar of Abdullah’s voice…Abu shouted “Naheem”.

“What did you just say?” Umar asked to hear the young man correctly.

“It was Naheem your friend.”

“You mean Naheem was here?” asked Yusuf.

“Yes sir, he was here, He said you asked him to get something from your wife,s o I allowed him in, knowing that he was your friend…but…but..­.but…I didn’t know I could see him doing that to your wife, I actually went in to take excuse from her to go get some things from the shop across the street, on getting to the door I heard some sobs and the door was left open, my conscious mind were divided (open the door and don’t open the door was the thought of my mind) so I opened the door only to find him on your wife” Abu concluded the story in tears. “I am so sorry sir, I shouldn’t have allowed him in.”

Yusuf was speechless… to be continued.

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