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Forgive me (Final Episode)

Final Episode

Yusuf was speechless, he excuse his friend took from them was for him to go r*pe his wife.

“How could Naheem do this…What has gotten over him,no wonder he was all shaken up when he saw us at his house” Umar swondered.

“What will you do now?” asked Abdullah

“Nothing”…Yusuf said to his friends.

Both men were surprised.

“I shall do nothing but leave him to his conscience, I shall forgive him when my heart find peace for him again.”

Looking at the expression in yusuf’s eyes, his friends knew he was very sad.

“For now let’s go back to my wife, I need to be with her, she needs me now than ever.”

“Naheem…what happened? Why are you in tears?” she kept asking.

“Oh Halira! I have sinned against my Khalid.”

“What have you done?”

“I have wronged Him so much” he said again.

“He will forgive you, just seek for forgiveness from Him, He is a forgiving GOD. It’s also ok if you don’t want to tell me what you have done, but, please stop worrying over it” she tried to console him.

Naheem in his thoughts

“I cannot blame shaitan for this, I should have seek refuge against him when he kept whispering things in my ear. How do I face my friends? how will Halira feel? Hmm… I am truly in deep prison,what can I do”

Ever since that day Naheem kept seeking forgiveness from Allah(s w t) while Yusuf kept taking care of Anisah. His friends visit them once in a while to know how she is doing.

# The_end.


Life is full of lots of temptations and whispers from shaitan. The earlier we seek refuge against the whispers of shaitan the earlier we can avoid some of these temptations except for “QADAR”.

We should also know that ” Allah(s w t) Azza wa jaallah is a forgiving GOD, seek forgiveness and also ask HIM to erase your sins.


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