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Forgive Me

Episode 1

“Now that you are about to get married, you must be faithful and submissive to your husband, respect him and shower him with lots of care, a key to a good home lies in the hands of a woman” Halira’s mother advised her.

“Inn shaa Allah,Ummuh, I have heard you” she replied back.

“May Allah(s w t) put barakah in your home”

“Ameen” everyone at the wedding chorused”

Halira was taken to her husband house; it was a blessed day and night for herself and her husband Naheem.
Marriage life was peaceful and enjoyable for the both of them. Naheem goes out to work and comes home very early, Halira goes to her teaching school and returns home early to prepare meal and herself for her husband.

Two weeks later

“What else am i looking for in a woman that my wife does not possess?”Naheem said rhetorically to his friends Umar, Yusuf and Abdullah, in their gathering discussion. “I wonder why men still look out when they have beautiful wives at home” he added.
“And I pray you don’t be like one of those men” Abdullah prayed for him and everyone chorused with Ameen.
In the process of their discussion, Halira called her husband to confirm what he would like to have for dinner and he gladly told her, both love birds spent some romantic time on the phone talking, when they were through his friends were smiling at him.

“Allah ya barku tare, Ameen” Umar prayed
“Ameen” he replied.
“I have to get going, Halira is waiting for me” he said to his friend.

“Send our regards to her” Yusuf said to him with a smirk on his face.

“Inn shaa Allah, I will” he replied not minding the smirk on his friend’s face.

Naheem left his friends and headed straight home. On his way home, he decided to buy her some stuff, so, he branched a store and he got her some things.
“Assalamualeikum”, he­ greeted when he got home.
“Waaleikumsalam”, his wife replied.

“Welcome my darling, hope you had a good time with your friends” she said.

“Alhamdulillah, I did” he said. Its been a while I have hung out with them since my Nikkah, today was fun” he added.

“Maa shaa Allah. Go take your bath while I set your meal” Halira said.

“You always take care of me, what would I do without you as a wife” he stated.

“Your appreciation and prayers on me are ok, my darling. May Allah (s w t) reward you abundantly”

“Ameen” he replied bashfully.

Marriage life was peaceful and beautiful for Naheem and Halira. Things were going fine for the both of them.
Naheem kept doing his daily routine and so does Halira.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Naheem went out to get some stuff for Halira from the usual store he goes to. When he got there, he happen to meet the daughter of the store owner, she was a cheerful and lovely young lady.

He liked the way she attended to him, always smiling and speaking softly. Naheem happened to be carried away by the lady’s charm. The next thing he could hear himself saying was “what is your name?”

She replied him saying “Her name is Anisah”.

From the first question it developed to lots of questions and she answered him cheerfully. He was happy and contented with her replies. From that day on Naheem goes to that store all the time to buy even the least of things.
One day Naheem asked her for her… to be continued



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