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Hard Times (An Expression)

Hard times always seems to last forever, but really, hard times are not beautiful like rainbows but they don't last too. Hard Times (An Expression) enjoy.

Hard times always seems to last forever, but really, hard times are not beautiful like rainbows but they don’t last too. Hard Times (An Expression) enjoy.

Hard Times (An Expression)

Hard times are not beautiful like rainbows but they don’t last too,

But when times are hard and there seems to be no way to crack it,

Your hustle, your grind, your fighting, everything seems like they don’t worth shit

Hard times pushing you so hard, you feel very close to your limit,

Ugly voices rising in your head like you are at the brink

Madness in sight, you got family and friends doubling their worries.

Your appearance getting you different denomination of sorries.

This is better imagined, but its fetched from those untold stories.

That it’s not my story does not mean, my times are soft,

This is our reality, every man carry his own cross

The paradox is, comfort and difficulty are relative,


Ade used to live on the streets, now in his single room self contained, he’s feeling like a king,

Chisom: In his two bed room flat, feels like an elephant in a rat cage, he’s choking

Umar: He had the stress of his life the day he had to replace a tire,

Seun: His happiest day as a vulcanizer was the he replaced lots of tires,

Chief is complaining, this lack of sleep is getting me tired.

His daughter is crying, too much sleep I’m having nightmares

There are more than 50 shades of hard times man,

I would say gear up, if I were a motivational speaker,

Search within, meditate if I were a philosopher,

Me a psychologist, I would say come for sessions,

Buh I’m just an expressionist and my opinion is,

If hard times be forming Warri, not wanting carry last,

You gotta be the Kenyan on the race track,

You should call the shots. You’re the king of your lane,

Since we all face our demons in our own ways

Nothing or no one should dictate how you run your race,

They say it’s not easy, but happiness is what I choose,

Say what you will, I will do what I will,

The things you call silly, to me are cute,

Call it nonchalant; call it I don’t care attitude,

You’re actually right. I don’t really care about how my feeling good lands with you.

As long as being in charge of my own happiness does not get hard to do,

It’s not my fault that I am too lazy to dwell on bad times,

I focus all my energy on making sure I sleep well at night,

There is light at the end of the tunnel,

Hugs at the end of the quarrel,

There is joy after sorrow, mornings after nights,

For every low, you should expect fitting highs,

Before you sigh in surrender, give trying a try,

Put in all your effort, you surely fly high,

If you don’t have a cloth, wear a smile,

If you don’t have money, spend your energy and time,

If you can’t run, walk; If you can’t walk, crawl:

If you can’t crawl, blink; let only death be the end of you.

Even at death, let your story inspire people.

Like I said, hard times are not beautiful like rainbows, but they don’t last too,

Its only tough people that do.

Hard Times (An Expression)

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