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Honesty is to Politicians, What Virginity is to Prostitutes: The biggest lie I ever told

“We’re politicians and we’ve never lied = We’re prostitutea and we’re virgin”

The above text is a popular representation of many people’s belief that politicians are the biggest liars that ever are. All politicians are seen as clever liars, hardly will you meet anyone who believes there is a single sincere politician alive, at least not in Nigeria.

This notion is often validated by the incessant corrupt and insincere behavior of politicians in Nigeria over the years. They have repeatedly failed the electorates.

During election campaigns, they promise to turn every ghetto to plush quarters but after four years, they return to the same places with the same promises only that the places had gone from bad to worse. People’s conclusion is simple- “they use us and dump us. Heartless liars

                                           A politician and his prostitute

Yet, it is hypocrisy and insincerity in itself to assume you are holier than the politicians you slay. If they can lie, then you can steal.
Lying is not synonymous and limited to the clime of politics, it’s only visible there. You lie, I lie, they lie. Businessmen lie to get a favourable deal, you lie to impress and save face, ‘men of God’ lie, every man in every profession lie. Everyone lies.

Ok. Maybe not everyone lies, and yes not actually all politicians lie.

But hey! There is no way you wouldn’t have lied before.

We are all guilty of the sin of lying. We lie not because of what we do be it politics or clergy work, we lie because of what we are: Men. A man lies because he’s nothing but a man.

I once told someone that I’ve never lied before but it turned out to be the biggest lie I have ever told.

Today, I’m a better man who strives for the prevalence of honesty in all my dwellings but sometimes the past comes back to hunt me. Like now, I’m not even sure if all I have written is just another big long lie or a honest truth.

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