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I Caught my Cheating Girlfriend

No be today wey cheating girlfriend don dey cause gbege. Na so this man catch him girlfriend wey dey cheat, come send message give postsubman on twitter say make he epp him post for twitter people to give him advice. Na hin I kon talk say make unna sef see am, say if nah you wetin you go do?


“Hi, good evening. Keep my identity private please. So I caught my bae with the guy she’s been cheating on me with this evening. She was with me yesterday evening and We had plans to stock up some beverages for us both at a shop close to our area since we can’t hangout bcus of the lockdown. I called her twice but she’s not picking up i sent a text no reply so I concluded her dad never lets her out again (the only excuse she always give) and decided to help myself at shop. On getting to the shop i saw her with this guy looking at each others eyes smiling in love I was — and quickly hide in one corner and try calling her line, she brought out the phone looked at it and takes it back down, I called again 3 times she never even check who is calling again so I left the place back home. I don’t know what to do now. I’m seriously in pains right now like I’m getting crazy”


see the original message below:

cheating girlfriend

cheating girlfriend

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We know say this matter no be easy one, especially when you love that babe well well. e go hard to say you no dey do again even if plenty people dey advise you say make you quit. Make I no lie the heartbreak no be here and even me I no know wetin I go do if na me. so if na you, wetin you go do?

Source: Postsubman

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