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I won’t vote in the 2019 Elections

The 2019 elections are here but Biade Fola might not vote in them. In this piece, he unloaded his thoughts and influenced opinions.

The 2019 elections are here but Biade Fola might not vote in them. In this piece, he unloaded his thoughts and influenced opinions.

I won’t vote in the 2019 Elections

I’m over eighteen but I won’t vote in 2019;

My leaders dun care like Simi

I’m Uche face they don’t wanna see me


So like June 12, I wanna be free and fair

Free from political affairs

Fair to my oza room career



I’ll wrap up in my bed sheets

Poke the wet and explore the tities

Sometimes stuffs like these are big deals

Bigger than general elections, well I don’t think.


I know my vote counts, so I give it

Vote of no confidence, big hit!

Been casting  since the death of ballots


2015′ we did hours under the hot sun

2018′ the scorch is still on

2019′ they’ll sing the same song

It’s a gamble, not an election

…and who do I put my bet on?


Big odds & big stakes, uncertain rewards

This is Nigeria, unfairly my world

Despite my cries, she rarely turns up

The old man wants to strengthen made in Nigeria,

But like time, he flies,

off to the abode of the Whiteman


Not too young to run, but he says to wait till after him,

To play the dumb; to act the stooge

He called me lazy, though my fingers are aching,

from hours of keyboard poking,


Mohammed is a prophet but this copy is lying,

it doesn’t matter whose daughter is crying, this propaganda, you must buy it


The other camp refuse to take a shape,

As if  there’s nothing at stake,

The old man’s nest seems to be unruffled

To challenge the old man, people’s democracy needs more than being a party,

be a party, the sounds need to straight and dandy,

rocked by the high and fly not some bandits


but oops the early birds nauseate

the swag and moves don’t fit the game,

looks like the contest is set for lame,


Whoever wins, our songs might remain the same

All for the personal interest, teamwork is down the drain,

pathetic situation driving men insane


So I was thinking, why do I have not to vote in the 2019 elections?

But Plato said: The price you pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.


So maybe I’ll have a rethink.

Nigeria is sick but it won’t heal itself.

One day we’ll get it right and well

Till that day we keep fighting like Gandhi.

Peaceful Resistance.

I won’t vote in the 2019 Elections

© Biade Fola

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