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Kobos For Thoughts

This fine piece explores thoughts, freedom of it and all that it bears. Sourced from kwanabiyu.com, "Kobo for Thoughts" is a must read.

This fine piece explores thoughts, freedom of it and all that it bears. Sourced from kwanabiyu.com, “Kobo for Thoughts” is a must read.

Kobos For Thought

two kobos for your thoughts

or as a friend once said, “troubles”

silence is precious when not troubled

and my thoughts are plagued by non-silence


silence is the vortex in which it all lies

in saying and not saying

in feeling and telling

in knowing and in choosing to repress


repressed emotions brim the soul of the bottled-up & unspoken

terror is not just bombs and bullets

it also lives in an enclosed space

can you hear the looming explosion?


the unrevealed silence that echoes out of our unspoken triviality

the one whose shape and color you paint in terror would be our guiding light

for when all matters that have kept on bubbling are laid to rest

it shall spring forth and blossom and entwine us into the thorns of freedom

i pick and piece beauty in a collage of a future i hope to remember


beauty ticks the same way my dreams do:

a clock announcing new places as home

only to break us afresh

beauty ticks…but freedom hears her not


i pick and piece emotions into a collage of a life i hope to remember

hoping to love with the strength of all the world’s waves put together and more reclining into despair and letting it out into an ocean of molten lava, letting it flow onward; burning and scalding and cooling

’cause that is what freedom is – everything


freedom is a multifaceted pill and can be swallowed in dangerous dosages

one for when I’ll walk in the moon

two for years of wandering dreams

three for laughter that seeks home in hearts across the world


and freedom in perhaps the right dosages is right now

like closing my eyes and feeling hands trail down my back

listening to Nina and relishing the dark ecstasy of a swollen mound

or just quiet silence;

two kobos for my thoughts or would you rather say my troubles?

By M & S. (Kwanabiyu.com)

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