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Mocking Democracy? (Questions on Democracy Day)

It's Democracy Day again and this piece agitates and asks questions about Nigerian Democracy, it's credibility and otherwise from 1999 to date.

It’s Democracy Day again and this piece agitates and asks questions about Nigerian Democracy, it’s credibility and otherwise from 1999 to date.

***In Honour of Democracy Day ****


Camo caps and jungle boots in the Aso
Guns blazing at the critics
Prisons steaming with the activists
Embargoes landing on our embassies
Only the rogues accept to rub our shoulders


’66 was to kill corruption
’67 to ’70, they created extinction,
Corruption lived, Millions of Naira was swallowed

Tyranny lived, lives were gallowed
People go hungry and under


“Corrupt bloody civillians” they whined in the barracks
But bloody got cute and corruption got redefined once they entered the palace
Bellies got stuffed from manna that fell from national coffers
Khaki shirts heaped on pregnant men soldiers
Messengers of death busy taking their orders
The Khaki kind of discipline killed the conscience and idolised commanders

The poor went to earth while the rich used their visas

Two rules to remain in existence
Shut your mouth and keep your distance
Second to God, dictators can be so persistent,

Second to God, God is never inefficient,
He killed the man, and joys erupted

“Freedom at last,” the big and tiny were saying
More bump kicks than usual, you could tell even the embryo was slaying


May 29, ’99 a General was sworn in,
“Democracy is here,” you could read on prints

It’s just a Khaki man returning in Mufti but very few could notice
Couldn’t use his riffle but invented the Eagle

The Eagle never failed to nail its victims
Opposition can never be clean, they’re the big thieves


07’ came the brother of the ’76 Chief of Staff
Not a soldier but big brother was Major General,
Fought his battle but ultimately loss to death


The hat man succeeded the 7 point agenda
Did a six, attempted but couldn’t get another

2015 came our septuagenarian,
Another old soldier in the flowing garment,


Nineteen years of democracy, the query remains the same,
What’s difference between ’76 and ’99 ?
Is ’83 different from ’15?

I’m asking, wasn’t around in’79 and ‘83
But was around in ’98 and it was 31 degrees


Yes we can talk today but to what extent?
The Eagle is still alive and very relevant

It’s only the elites that run the show
We only matter when it’s time for the polls


If you shut your mouth in ’98, you could be safe
In ’18 SARS, Police and all spits in your face
It’s illegal to be young and rich today


Our state commanders have created battalions of hungry citizens
Criticisms are now hate speeches
Twitter and co now pose threat to unity

Is this democracy or demonstration of craziness?
If it’s democracy, the blogger, the writer, the graphic designer should be able to do his business
Owing a laptop should not hurt the success of law enforcement

What are we celebrating?
Nineteen years of Democracy or Nineteen years of mocking the system?

© Biade Fola

“In Honour of Democracy Day “

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