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Nabeelah (An Islamic Love Story) Ep. 10

On the fourth day of the course, I was about to carry her before I noticed some changes in her tummy, “honey-pie, you had been eating too much of my food these days, your stomach is now becoming as big as that of Mr Ibu” I joked.

“You better leave me, habeeby. I had wanted to tell you since last week, you didn’t give me attention, you left me in the sitting room and you came here listening to one reciter.”

“Are you telling me that you’re pregnant?”

“Yes, I am four weeks pregnant habeeby”

I cried with a deep sense of guilt, I felt sorry for all I did to her and I was extremely happy that I would leave an heir in this world. I thanked Allah that it is not too late and also thanks to Abdul Rahman’s formula. Abdul Rahman showed me the secret of love and intimacy in marriage, husbands must also work towards the development of love in the marriage, one of simple things that worked magically in my marriage is complimenting, complimenting the effort of the partner builds marriage, the wife would spent hours plaiting stressful but beautiful hairstyle to please the husband but he won’t do as if he noticed it but as for me, I compliment her on every single thing she did. I did not only belch when I finished eating but also compliment the effort of the woman that cooked it and it worked out for my marriage.

Nabeelah called Fatimah that her husband had finally divorced her and he had travelled abroad, Nabeelah returned to her father’s house. It was really embarrassing because their nikkah is just six months old. Fatimah blamed her for the chaos but Nabeelah couldn’t explain what was happening to her, I am the only one that understood her feelings. I felt sad for her. I went to her with Fatimah and we really talked to her, but I noticed she was not really sad about the matter, there’s another thing bothering her but she didn’t open up. Could it be my love that is worrying her?

Fatimah didn’t give birth in the ninth month of her pregnancy which was the expected time, we had begun to worry but the doctors told us to keep calm. Suddenly one day, she shouted of pain from the kitchen, I quickly ran to her and I noticed it was delivery time, and I quickly rushed her to the hospital.

Fatimah laboured for two days without delivery, we were told that she can’t give birth to the child herself and we were asked to sign for the caesarean section. I signed and in less than 20 minutes the nurse came to give good news that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl but she said that we could not see the mother because she encountered a lot of complications during the delivery and she’s being attended to by team of doctors.

We were allowed to see Fatimah the next day, but we were told not let people to visit her, only two people will be allowed in the ward at a time, I entered with my mum. It was a mixed feeling for me when I saw her; I felt sad to see her in her present state and also happy to see her alive as well as my daughter. She looked weak and exhausted. When I congratulated her, she only answered with a smile.

“I want to see Nabeelah” she said quietly.

I smiled and answered her that “Nabeelah will be here either you requested for it or not but we will only allow her when the doctor declare to us that you are fit to receive visitors, mummy is here to help you with anything you want”

“Please I have to see her, it is very urgent” she insisted in a weak voice. My mum persuaded her to calm down and concentrate on her well-being, when she insisted so much, the doctor also adviced that we should call her Nabeelah.

When Nabeelah came, mum had to excuse us because we must not be more than two in the ward at a time. Fatimah began to cry when she set her eyes on Nabeelah.

“My dear, will you stop crying, Nabeelah you had been calling for is here, remember your state of health and stop all these you are doing” I persuaded

“My friend, don’t cry, today is your day of joy, you are alive to see your child, your husband said you wanted to see me and I am here, what do you want to tell me?” Nabeelah asked

“I know that you are saying this because you don’t know what I had done to both you, I did a lot and I want you to forgive me” Fatimah sobbed.

I was surprised by what she said, I don’t think she had done anything bad to us, she even helped me, I owe my life for the help she did for me but I don’t know if she did anything bad to Nabeelah. But when Nabeelah also said Fatimah didn’t wrong her, I started to think that maybe the trauma she encountered in the delivery is affecting her mental state.

“What have you done” Nabeelah Inquired

“I didn’t believe in the love in first sight before I met Ja’far, but I fell in love with him the first day he… to be continued.


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