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Nabeelah (An Islamic Love Story) Ep. 11

“I didn’t believe in the love in first sight before I met Ja’far, but I fell in love with him the first day he came to our house, I love to be in his company when you asked me to be with you so that you won’t be alone, I admired his height and his sense of humour, I don’t know how to go about it because you both love each other greatly, I tried to seduce Ja’far as much as I can, but he didn’t notice me, so, I extinguish your nikkah preparation just to have Ja’far for myself, please forgive me” Fatimah said as she broke into tears.

I was perplexed by the words coming from her; I don’t know what to say. How is it possible for all these to happen? “My dear, please wipe your tears and don’t get yourself into the matter between me and Nabeelah, it is Allah’s decree, even if you don’t love me, I can’t marry Nabeelah because we were not compatible, she’s AS while I was SS….”

“I am AA” Nabeelah interrupted.

I couldn’t believe my ears, the result had proven Nabeelah to be AS, and does genotype change? I now felt completely confused “AA? How come? Please both of you should rescue me from this state of ignorance” I requested.

“Shortly after my nikkah, Sis.Zainab was sick and she needed blood, I thought I was AS, I went to donate blood for her, but I learnt that we were not compatible, she was AS while I was AA, I re-conducted the test in another two different hospital and I was confirmed to be AA, I knew that there was a mistake in the test I conducted at nurse Jumoke hospital, I knew I lost Ja’far due to this mistake, I couldn’t concentrate on my marriage afterwards, I thought of Ja’far every day and night and this led to my divorce” Fatimah said and also broke to tears.

Fatimah said “Jumoke didn’t make mistake with your result, I bribed her to change it, when you told me that you went to her for test, though you didn’t tell me the test you went for but I knew that it was genotype test because I was there when the doctor told you Ja’far was SS and I noticed that you were anxious. I went to Jumoke and bribed her to change the result, in which she did and I also tried to convince you that you should not marry him because of you are not compatible. I was happy that you couldn’t marry him and pretended to help him by presenting myself for marriage to him. I knew I caused a lot of chaos, but please forgive me, I want to meet my Lord in a good state”

Blood of temper hurriedly ran through my vein, my body trembled and I couldn’t do anything than to cry. Nabeelah hurl a lot of insult on Fatimah, she called her all sort of names, she really felt betrayed and she couldn’t control her tears. Nabeelah left the hospital out of anger.
.Immediately, Fatimah’s love left my heart and I felt hatred for her again, but there is nothing I could do, she’s the mother of my child, we both weep for a long time. My mum entered and asked about what was happening, but we were unable to give her an answer, I just left the hospital for home.

When it was around 1:00 pm, mummy called me and told me that fatimah’s condition had gone critical, she said I should meet her in the hospital immediately.

I hurriedly went back to the hospital and by the time I reached there, I was told that the doctors were attending to her. I engaged myself in fervent prayers for her survival. Nurses were coming out of ward, I asked each one of them about the condition of my wife but none of them gave me a definite response.

The doctor finally came out, “ehm, Mr. ja’far, we are sorry….”

“Please doctor don’t be sorry, where is my wife, I interrupted the doctor.

The doctor announced that after so much of their effort to save her, she finally gave up the ghost. Ina lilah wa inaa ilayhi raajioon.”

Sadness encompassed my heart, I couldn’t cry because my grief is beyond crying, I comforted my mum not to wail because wailing is prohibited in Islam. We performed janazah on her the same day, and I carried my baby to Fatimah’s mother for proper care.

I couldn’t go home that day, I stayed at my parents apartments, as I switched on the data of my phone to message some of my friends about the incident through whatsapp, I got a new message which was from Fatimah, she sent it before she died, the message contained her last wishes, it was written therein that I should forgive her and I should also beg Nabeelah on her behalf, she pleaded that I should marry Nabeelah after her death, and also name our daughter Nabeeelah. I broke into tears after reading the message, I wept for a long time, and there was nobody to console me.

I named my daughter Nabeelah as Fatimah wished, but I didn’t know how to go and plead to Nabeelah on behalf of Fatimah not to talk of telling her about marriage. After several months, I finally informed her of Fatimah’s final wishes and also informed her that I still loved her so dearly. Nabeelah informed me that Fatimah also sent her the same message that she should beg me on her behalf and also marry me but she didn’t know how to go about it. She also told me that she still loved me and we finally agreed to marry.

Her parents didn’t approve us to marry; they said people would think Nabeelah killed her friend because she wanted to marry me, since they didn’t know what really happened. We persuaded them a lot to agree because we were not concerned with what people are saying, the most important thing is the love that existed between us. They finally agreed that we should marry but on a condition that we wouldn’t make our nikkah an elaborate one and we agreed.

” Hey, let’s stop the pillow fight” I surrendered

”then, come and carry me to the sitting room” – Nabeelah said playfully.

I don’t want her to call me a lazy cat again and I don’t want to carry her, so I quickly raised the issue of her hair.

”Dearie, but I remembered you telling me in the evening that you wanted to undo your hair” I announced

”Oya, let’s do that now”

–Ay alal falaah—

What? The call to prayer again?

No, it was my little Nabeelah mimicking the call to prayer

::::::::::::::::::: THE END:::::::::::::::::­::


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