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Nabeelah (An Islamic Love Story) Ep. 9

Episode 9

He answered “the first thing that you will do is to pray to Allah to increase her love and remove the amorous love of Nabeelah from your heart; that is Allah’s part, and you begin your own part by being a romantic lover to her.”

“Romantic! What is being romantic? I asked

“it means that you will start to see Fatimah as the Hawau of your life and also the second half of your religion, when you mess up with her, it means you messed up with half of your religion; and you know what it means if 50% should be deducted from your examination score. Don’t be like men that only hug and kiss their wives during copulation, they only put food to their wives’ mouth when they are sick and they are unable to eat themselves. While these things are expected to happen between couples every time, it makes the love wax stronger. Don’t turn your wife to baby making machine that you only go to when you need baby, play with her and call her sweet names, it was recorded in the hadeeth that the prophet would race with Aisha and would shorten her name to Aaeesh to sound romantic, and if you couldn’t shorten you wife’s name, you can nickname her as Abu bakr would call her wife QuratulAyn (coolness of the eye).” He lectured.

I told Abdul Rahman that I understood what he was saying and I will start praying to Allah about it, but there is no way that I won’t mess up with her because there is no iota of fatimah’s love in my heart.

Abdul rahman fully understood me for the first time, he thought of what I said for a long time, and said “I have an idea; I will give you an assignment, you will have to act some dramas in your home, you do as actors do on stage. You dramatize to Fatimah every day for two weeks and I am very sure that by two weeks now, you will be madly in love with her”

I was interested by what he said and I was eager to know what the assignment would be. “Make sure you wake her up and pray tahajud with her in the midnight, ask Allah to increase her love in your heart; surely Allah is closer then. In the morning, you should be the one to carry her out of bed, and then use your great sense of humour to make her laugh at least four times a day. When you get to work, send her a love message, and when going back in the evening, buy her few gifts. Stroll with her down the street in the evening, and when it comes to bed time, you must carry her to bed.”

All what he said seem hard but I determined to do as he instructed.

Carrying out Abdul Rahman’s assignment was not an easy task, I couldn’t start it the next day, because acting and pretending is not easy. I was unable to wake her for tahajud and I can’t summon the courage to carry her in the morning but I tried my possible best to be interactive with her before I went to work. We discussed about Nabeelah’s marital problem, Fatimah informed me that Sulayman had never cease to complain about Nabeelah, and he insists to divorce her if she didn’t change. I can’t blame Nabeelah of what she’s doing because I also felt the same before I realised that if I didn’t stop my wrong reaction to Fatimah, divorce may end our marital story.

It was 12:00 pm and I was at the workplace, it was time on my timetable to send Fatimah a love message, though I didn’t fulfil my morning task but I decided to start in the afternoon, but I couldn’t compose a message myself, so I searched the internet for a beautiful lovely message and I send it to her. Not too long after I had sent the message, she called and thanked me but she couldn’t talk properly, I knew she was surprised by the message; she may think that I sent it to her by mistake. I told her that I sent it to her intentionally.

While I was returning home in the evening, I stopped at a flower shop on the way; I bought a bouquet of flowers for Fatimah. On reaching home, I presented the flowers to her and she welcomed me with a smile and thanked me, I noticed she’s surprised of what I had been doing. I felt like a hero who did a great work, her respect for me that day made me felt like a king. After the dinner, she changed to some mind-tempting clothes, I don’t know where she got those kind of dresses, it is the first time I noticed how beautiful she was, I couldn’t sleep well that night, I had started to think about her, that is how our intimacy begins to grow.

I started my full task the next day, we prayed tahajudd together, I carried her in the morning, send her text in the afternoon, buy her gifts in the evening and carry her to bed in the night. In three days, Abdul Rahman’s formula begins to work out like magic; the sense of intimacy had begun to grow between me and Fatimah.

On the fourth day of the course, I was about to carry her before I noticed some changes in… to be continued


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