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Nabeelah (An Islamic Love Story) Ep. 6

How does it feel to live in a loveless relationship? Find out from Ja'far who finds himself in a loveless marriage with Fatimah.

How does it feel to live in a loveless relationship? Find out from Ja’far who finds himself in a loveless marriage with Fatimah.

Episode 6

Life was not easy without Nabeelah; It became dull and loveless, A loveless life is a lifeless life. I spent my days thinking about, her beauty, her care, and other virtues she had that I couldn’t mention; there was a day I made up my mind to commit suicide but I remembered my parents, I must not waste their efforts, they have been taking care of me since childhood, I must not make them grieve. I also remembered Allah’s punishment for it; one must not suffer in pain in Dunya and also suffer in the hereafter. I accepted may fate; It is Allah’s decree, who’ll argue with Him? I just pray to Allah to bless me with a better Muslimah.

4 missed calls? Why is Nabeelah calling me, I thought she had changed my mind; I quickly called her back.

Me: Salam alaykum .

Nabeelah: Ja’far, Wa alaykum ssalaam, it is Nabeelah .

Me: Yes, I knew, I didn’t delete your contact, even though you deleted mine .

Nabeelah: Am very sorry, I deleted it because I couldn’t stand seeing your name, each time I came across your name, my eyes became soaked with tears, and I would cry uncontrollably.

Me: If you have deleted mine, why did you delete Abdur Rahmaan’s contact?

Nabeelah: There is no how I will see his name without remembering you, since I know you through him.

Me: Okay, why have you called? Have you changed your decision?

Nabeelah: I haven’t changed my decision but I have a better offer, I don’t know if you’ll accept it.

Me: better offer again? What is the offer?

Nabeelah: my friend, Fatimah, pitied your condition and decided to marry you, She’s AA; I didn’t ask her to do so, she volunteered herself. Fatimah!!! Volunteered to marry me? How will I marry nabeelah’s friend? More so, I hate her

Should I marry Fatimah?

This is one of the hardest decisions for me to decide, I have to get married quickly because I wish to have vicegerent for my parents because my time in this life is short. I had searched for spouse for 4 years but there is no one to marry me because I am an SCD patient, Fatimah is the first lady to agree that she will marry me after she knew my ailment but I did not love Fatimah, I hate everything about her, her height, complexion, face, voice, I hate it all. If I marry her because I am in dire need of a wife, how will I cope in a loveless marriage?

I sought advice from Abdul rahmaan and he advised me to marry Fatimah, he said “it will be better for you to marry her because she showed you love after seeing your flaw, and there is a saying that ‘never lose the girl that still loves you after knowing your flaws’, this is what you have been searching for in the past four years, don’t lose it. – opportunities come but once and if you miss her now, you may not see this opportunity again”

I thought about what Abdul rahman said, I asked him that how will I cope in a loveless marriage, because for a marriage to be a fruitful one,the husband and wife must love themselves dearly, in this situation now, she loves me but I didn’t love her, how do we go about it?

Abdul rahman answered that “love will develop when you begin to live with each other; Safiyyah the wife of Rasool didn’t know the prophet anywhere before the battle of Khaybar; there were no pre-marriage love between them yet they got married and the love progresses afterwards”

“It is a must for every Muslim to love Rasool, so you can’t compare this with that of the prophet” I interrupted.

He replied “is our love for Rasool an amorous one? No, the love we have for Rasool is strictly platonic, amorous love will develop between you and Fatimah when you don’t have problems in your marriage, even if Nabeelah agrees to marry you, your love will eventually decrease by the time you spend all your income buying drugs for yourself and the children, doing check-up now and then. Marry Fatimah and you’ll enjoy your marital life. Insha Allah”

The words of Abdul rahmaan really convinced me and I agreed to marry Fatimah but I was thinking about how the love of Nabeelah will vamoose from my heart, because her love is still strong in my heart, but with what Abdul rahman told me, when the love of Fatimah arrives, the love of Nabeelah will abscond.

I planned to visit Nabeelah and Fatimah the next day to inform them that I had agreed to marry Fatimah, I called Nabeelah and she told me that they had been waiting for me to give them response, she informed me that Fatimah is really anxious to know what my reply will be. She said I should come as early as possible the next day.

When I woke up the next day, I was afraid to get out of bed because of the reality that awaits me, I don’t know how to tell the person I have no feelings for that I love her, I got up and dressed in a white shirt and a black trousers and I went there.

“Salaam alaykum warahmatulah”

Fatimah answered with a loud voice from indoor, “waalaykumussalaam warahmatulah wabarakatuh, you are welcome brother”

From her response, I knew she was really… to be continued.

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