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Nabeelah (An Islamic Love Story) 3

Do you hide your face or stand and face the demon? Ja'far finally tells his feelings to Nabeelah but she won't cooperate but on one condition. Read, enjoy.

Do you hide your face or stand and face the demon? Ja’far finally tells his feelings to Nabeelah but she won’t cooperate unless he agrees to wait and allow her to face her studies and agree to never come face to face with her until they are ready for marriage.

Episode 3

In a few minutes a sister appeared and Abd. Rahmaan informed me that she was nabeelah, I almost fainted because the sister was as fat as madam cash, her face had a slight difference from the face of a former president of Nigeria, with her cheeks designed with six bold stripes of tribal marks, I was stunned and couldn’t stop my mouth from saying ”You fought a lion?”, she smiled because she thought I joked – then I knew the meaning of Abd. Rahmaan’s statement when he said ”wetin you see for dah kind girl body” – I knew it’s a mere coincidence because the girl also introduced herself as Olayiwola Nabeelah
I quickly explained myself to her that it was a mix up and apologised to her for taking her time. – Aye le oo.

Dizziness came, I knew that I must pay the debt I owed sleep, Abd. Rahmaan took me to the school’s masjid where I slept. I didn’t wake until it’s time for Salatul Dhur. After Salaah, Abd. Rahmaan was about to see me off when my eyes just came across the jewel I have been searching for, Brighter than the sun – The real Nabeelah finally appeared but she hadn’t observe salaah, she rushed in to the masjid for salaah.
I called the attention of my friend and he was surprised he said : ” I knew her very well, she was among the muallimah teaching sister’s Qur’an in the campus, But I don’t know her as nabeelah, we call her Ummul khayr”

I was extremely happy, I felt like a person given a free ticket to jannah from Dunya. After several minutes of waiting, she finally came out and I approached her.

”Alhamdullilah, to be sincere bro. Ja’far, you are really funny – I do appreciate your love for me because there are so many ladies out there, May Allah love you too. But am very sorry to tell you that am not ready for Nikkah, my nikkah will be after my education, and I know that you understand the ruling of relationship in Islam. Am very sorry sir!” Nabeelah replied.
Her reply almost made me faint but seeing my reaction, I knew she pitied me and she continued ”But if you won’t mind, there is another face to this coin. If you can wait for me to finish my education

”loving the person that doesn’t want to see you could also be regarded to as disaster” Imam shafii said.

That was my fate in my waiting period, But since that is the other face to the coin, two years is not too much – I have to wait.
Distasrous was the conditions she gave for the waiting period; I must not try visiting her and I must not try communicating with her through any means, any attempt to foil those conditions will destroy our plan.
A day my eyes were suffering from the hunger of her face and I made up my mind to see her. I am not a fan of MSSN and I neither participate in their programmes nor attend their lectures, but just to see the face of my angel, I attended her school’s jihad week finale but I didn’t see her until the program came to an end. When I saw her face, I reversed my intention of greeting her, I realised letter B that starts BEAUTY also starts BEAST, her face is more than a beast’s in anger mood, she frowned like a whiteman that suffered from the fart of an African man – Strong aqeedah is frustrating at times, I ran for my life.

Very soon the waiting period was over, Nabeelah will be mine any moment from now, I am now free to talk to her but it would be in the presence of her friend, Fatimah. Our plan for nikkah started fully.
My parents are already aware of my intention to get married; I just have to take nabeelah to them for approval, But her parents Insists she must finish her HND programmes before thinking of marriage and every attempt to persuade them proved abortive.
I wonder why nowadays parents won’t approve the marriage of a 22 years old girl and they will allow her to have boyfriends, little did they know that they will have share in her sin when she commits Zina. Umar R.A said: ”Marry out your children when they reach puberty and do not carry their sins”.

There was a man in my neighbourhood that always says: ” My daughter won’t get married until she reaches the ripe age of 28” and the particular girl he’s talking about had aborted 3 pregnancies for Prof. Abiola before she became 20. I knew Nigerian ruqyah can’t deliver the man, He should receive his Ruqyah from Sudais and Shuraym.

After so much prayer and fasting, Nabeelah’s parents finally agreed, and our Nikkah preparation commenced fully.

On a cold night, I saw myself and Nabeelah in a dream, we were playing in a beautiful garden.

” You know I didn’t test any of your ability before I agree to marry you” she said


” I will give you a brain ability test now, I you pass the test; I am fully yours but If you fail; we will cancel all our nikkah preparations”

” go on” I agreed
(readers should also try the test)

She asked me to pronounce ”SILK” six times and I did, she also asked me to spell it, ”S-I-L-K” – I pronounced.

She asked ” what do cows drink?”

”Milk” I quickly answered.

She laughed and said ” you are wrong, cows don’t drink milk, they drink water. You are a dullard, I can’t marry you”

I felt a sharp pain in my heart and the dream was terminated, By the time I become conscious, it was…. to be continued

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