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Nabeelah (An Islamic Love Story) 2

Ja'far takes it seriously like it was a Qur'an recitation, he called his friend to search for Nabeelah and disobeyed the Qur'an by lying to leave the house.

Ja’far takes it seriously like it was a Qur’an recitation, he called his friend to search for Nabeelah and disobeyed the Qur’an by lying to leave the house.

Episode 2

My heart skipped a beat when I heard she memorized the Qur’an, and my will to get her waxed stronger. But my second mind was telling me that she might not accept me because she was appearing to be better than me in every aspect, she’s got a stronger aqeedah and also memorized the Qur’an.

”She got admission to The Polytechnic, Ibadan last year” the woman revealed.

At last I got her, I am a student of University of Ibadan which was very close to the polytechnic, though we are on strike but I must get back to school, getting her there will be very easy.

”Mummy, one of my friends just called me now that we must meet one of our lecturers tomorrow, I must travel to Ibadan, very early tomorrow morning” I announced

Abdul rahmaan could also be regarded as sunnatic, he was my intimate friend at secondary school, we both chose U.I and Poly Ibadan on our jamb form, while I was admitted into U.I, he got admitted to Poly Ibadan and he’s popular among Muslim brothers on campus, his popularity will help in the searching.

”A friend in need is a friend indeed” they say. so, I solicited for his help, he was not ready to help at first because it seemed childish and immature to him, It took time to explain what love is to him, he later agreed and pledged to help.

My director of strategy – Prof. Abiola told me he’s fed up with the search and advised me to quit and find someone else, I refused to quit but he quitted.

The boss was gone and I felt like am in an aeroplane without pilot but Allahu Musta’an.

Grrrrrghhh — my phone rang, it was Abd. Rahmaan.

Me: shaykh, salaam alaykum

Abd. Rahmaan: wa alaykum ssalaam, Kayf?

Me: Alhamdullilah

Abd. Rahmaan: Akhi, you said her surname was olayiwola abi?

Me: Yes, Exactly!

Abd. Rahmaan: You won’t believe it, I found her today

Me: wow, Masha Allah, Alhamdullilah

Abd. Rahmaan: but am sorry oo, wetin you see for dah kind girl body

Me: Forget about that, you cannot understand – na me know her value

Abd. Rahmaan: I don talk to her sha, let’s meet in the school library tomorrow by 10 a.m.

Me : No yawa, Jazaakumullah khayr, Am really grateful

I couldn’t sleep that night, I was thinking of what her response would be after listening to my talk. Will she refuse a tall handsome guy with pink lips like me? – Never! Alhamdullilah, she won’t know that I don’t have six packs. I started to rehearse my talk and I prayed to Allah for eloquence, the Dua of Musa came to my mind and I started to murmur it till fajr ”Rabbi Ishrah li sadrii…”. Those dark eight hours are longer than one thousand months, they were the longest of my life.

Punctuality is the key to success, I arrived at the school premises around 9:30 a.m., I called Abd. Rahmaan and we met in the school library, we exchanged pleasantries but he noticed that I was impatient.

He exclaimed ” Oko iyawo, wetin dey do you like”, I told him am in haste to see the sister. He phoned and assured me to calm down.

In a few minutes a sister appeared and Abd. Rahmaan informed me that she was nabeelah, I almost fainted because…

….to be continued

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