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On The Verge Of Suicide: A True Life Story

I was hit by Polio, I got sad, broke and broken. I had suicidal thoughts but God happened. Read the story of my life. It will inspire you.

I was hit by Polio, I got sad, broke and broken. I had suicidal thoughts but God happened. Read the story of my life. It will inspire you.

The Story of My Life

Fifteen years ago, I was sad, broke and broken. I had suicidal thoughts. I agreed with one thing. Life is not a bed of roses. It’s a forest of firethorn. My story.

Poliomyelitis hit me when I was two years old or so I was told. I grew up knowing I was different from my peers.

Now, if you met me like 17, 16yrs ago, you probably met me at my cutest.

There was a time I used to crawl. I couldn’t stand at all lest walk on my feet. I crawled from and to school. My palms wore slippers and my knees got bruised all the time. I didn’t look forward to going to schools not because I hated the knowledge but because I despised the sufferings of my immobility. I crawled from ’91 to 98.

During my crawling years, I met abuse, discrimination and their other horrible siblings. I was always looking up to every other person, not because they had charisma but cuz I couldn’t stand tall enough to match their gaze in a conversation so I looked up to them.

Like a woman with fertility problem saying, “give me a baby even if it won’t last a day” I asked God to at least let me stand, just stand on my feet even if I wasn’t gonna walk on them. I wanted so much to break my alliance with the floor.

God must have laughed at my stupidity and go with something like “Idiot, if you stand, you’d ask for a step, then a mile, you’d later ask for legs that can dance shakushaku.

He took his time. By the year 1997, he started answering my prayer. I started trying to lift my body up holding the wall or any nearby object. I did fall many times but I didn’t give up. Eventually, I could stand up without holding a thing but couldn’t take a single step forward or I fall like your girlfriend’s Olympus.

I thought God had given what I wanted and it’d be rude to ask for more but God ain’t man. He sent an angel in the shape of a man (he passed on not long after. May the good lord bless everything and everyone he left behind).

Daddy Michael bought me my first pair of crutches and I walked for the first time in 1998. By 1999 I had dropped one of the crutches and by 2005, I was using a staff…

It was tough but God came through. School was the hardest, I got sidelined and discriminated against all the time. ” You’re brilliant and all, you’d make a fine prefect but these your legs.” “You want date me lol. Have you seen yourself?” Things like that.

I stopped trying to belong. As a teenager as missed out on many stupid shit that young kids do. Just when I was getting done with goodness and humanity. God shined his light by bringing beautiful people with beautiful heart my way… First are my parents; they were broke but not broken, they sent me to school with their meagre resources.

My eyes opened to the possibility of goodness in this world and I embraced the chance, I found peace, confidence and self belief.

Now, I’m done with school, got a job and doing slow and steady. I’m not yet at the dream but ima walk the walk. I might have thought that was life but last night, life almost departed my body: The toilet water tank fell and I was trying to hold it in place the cover slid off and broke on my hand, it hit me right on a blood vessel, lost so much blood that I was dizzying off to oblivion before I got to the clinic.

That’s not the story. I’m alive and well. My hand is not broken or anything, but I was bathing this morning and had to avoid water on the treated and dressed hand. I had to use just one hand. It was hell difficult. That was when it dawned on me. My life could have been worse, I have enjoyed God’s grace. I’ve gone complacent. He’s been kind to me, he’s sent awesome people to my not so cool way. I gave nothing to deserve that, he’s just the great good God and that’s what he does.

I should thank him more, I should appreciate him more, I should help more people in any way I can.  YOU SHOULD TOO.

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