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‘PERFECT MATCH’ by Adeku Adeyemi Raphael

Adeku Adeyemi Raphael is a Physiotherapist who has a penchant for writing. He words therapy on the concept of the perfect match in this one. Enjoy.

Adeku Adeyemi Raphael is a Physiotherapist who has a penchant for writing. He words therapy on the concept of the perfect match in this one. Enjoy.

Perfect Match

It is of the school of thought that we allow the word taste to dominate in choosing our partners. Absolutely, it will be illogical to argue the sense of foresight and one’s level of desirability in preparing for the future, in the same vein, it is not unrealistic as well that most of our desirables are least of what awaits us when the future comes.

Going down the cupboard of memory, many married couples of today, the happily married ones in quote at a point in the past have had a preconceived notion about how their husbands or wives must look like, I bet, today they are living with a different picture or entity, not even a prototype of what was drawn or imagined.

Your taste is in tandem with a light-skinned, tall, gorgeous, loving and caring lady, what happens to your taste bud when you discover her poor cooking skills and religious retardation? Of course, she is dark, portable, well educated, intelligent and even God-fearing, but her loquacious part makes you have a rethink, but why?

Until I asked a lady what the acronym “THD” was, I had little or no idea. “Tall, Handsome and Dark”…lol, I could not just imagine less of her thought, does it mean some love are resistant to shortness or some feelings are allergic to wealth irrespective of its source? Hmmmmm……lot of questions inside of me beg for answers.

You rebuked God’s destined man for your life immediately you saw him because his financial capability does not fit into the dreams you have had, who told you dreams do not turn out to be tests of time in realities? He keeps working hard to become a reckoned icon in the society, what are you doing to compliment and contribute to the betterment of your union? She prays day and night to have a lovely, fruitful and fulfilling marriage, you sit back complaining about her fatness, for we are all created in God’s image…as we keep up in hoping and pursuing the best, we can also make the best happen, bring the best out of each other, nobody is perfect…except none will get married, then we can all afford to continue to dwell in seeing faults, remember “all cats are grey in the dark”

We can make PERFECT MATCH ES through the processes of God, friendship and tolerance, love does not reckon with faults, love embraces nature as nature takes its course.

Acceptance of one another, complimenting one another, loving one another are the keys to being PERFECT MATCH ES to one another so that we don’t fall prey to ageing out of marriage.

Together we are one.

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