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Roses and Blood (A Poem)

Roses and Blood is a sorry poem that laments the disheartening disappearance of the demarcation between and evil and good.

Roses and Blood (A Poem)

She broke my heart,

Dug deep, ‘n laid foundation, deep in to my core,

and sowed seeds of mistrust.

How can I love?

How can my heart smile again?

The butterflies in belly,

they have flown away

She wore the face of an Angel,

Her smile invited me from afar,

The glow of her skin, It ruled my world

My mind flirted with her eyeballs,

It hugged her lips,

and imagined they’re locked, with mine,

I dined with courage,

and put my feet to work,

I saw her rolled a ball,

and thought,

She even likes football,

I was fast approaching her


my phone beckoned,

So I stopped in my strides,

Before I could put the phone talk to bed,

I heard a roar,

The ball was a bomb!

She was a soldier, It dawned on me,

Warriors don’t wear uniforms no more,

One on one combat has long retired

Only one sweet girl can kill a battalion

 with a simple throw


a vest strapped to her chest,

Cutie was a soldier of terror,

She blended and roses and blood,

She broke my heart!

Humanity is bleeding, my heart is broken,

Terrorism is winning, peace is choked

Roses and Blood (A Poem)

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