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Sparkling Tears (A Story)

This is another Islamic love story, talk about you never know the value of what you have untill you lose it, talk of the patient bone eats the fattest bone, talk of girls love who hurts them, talk of a beautiful love story, an expression of stories that touch. Let’s go!




It was the first year of school for the new students of Glitters college Abuja. The college was a private school situated in the city of Abuja, it was a school known for its quality education and quantitative lecturers, Students who got admission into the school were the lucky ones. One who got admission into the school has to be one who prayed and read hard. Fortunately for Farida, she was lucky to get admission into the college on her first try.

All new students who got admission into the school were busy with their registration and orientation process. It wasn’t easy at all for everyone, after all they were all novice.

“How can I find the school and department of my course” Farida soliloquise.

She kept on walking around the school until she got tired. “Who do I ask “because all this expert seem to give her an unfriendly face when she asks a question. She decided to ask a lady sitting under a tree and lucky for her the lady directed her sweetly.

On getting to the premises of the school,s he smiled on seeing the large writing on a board ” WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES”.

Alhamdulillah! “My stress is now over”.

She entered the premises and searches for her department…she looked around and smiled when she saw

“Department of English Language”.

She inhaled deeply and silently said” Alhamdulillah”, Welco­me to the beginning of your success, Farida”.

Farida saw people in one of the classes and assumed it was were her departmental orientation is taking place. She entered the class and all eyes were on her, she became so shy that she covered her face which almost led her to the floor. She hastened her steps and sat at the back sit when she was a bit comfortable, she put her head on the desk for sometimes to calm her nerves.

Every other newbies of the department were busy charting as if they were already experts.
She wished she had someone to talk to…just on the process of her thought a lady came and sat beside her, she greeted her with the appropriate Islamic greetings and Farida responded.

“Please has the orientation commenced? The lady asked.

“Not yet” i think they are yet to begin” Farida replied.

“Hmm! and here i was running not to miss the orientation. I still have other things to do and all they do is keep us waiting” the lady kept on talking to herself and Farida was busy looking around.

“By the way “my name is Baheeja” she introduced.

“I am Farida, Pleased to meet you”, she added.

” please i need to go do some other things, do you mind calling me when the Exco’s come “Baheeja, requested.

“Sure, why not!, Farida replied.

They both exchanged numbers and Baheeja was gone.

Thirty minutes later, the… to be continued.


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