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Sparkling Tears (Ep. 5)

How long can you walk to get through to the love of your heart? How much can you sacrifice? How much of pain can you bear? Farida, in this Islamic Love Story is at a cross road, her friend had spoken on her behalf to the man she loves, She loves Saleem, AbdulMalik loves her… What’s she gonna do?


Episode 5

On hearing what Baheeja said, Saleem face betrayed his emotion. He smiled but his smile did not poirtray what he felt, he felt utter disdain.

“Please thank her on my behalf, it’s not every day we get people who love us, please tell her I appreciate it.”

“She loves you, as in she has true feelings for you. I see how sad she is when she looks at you, sometimes I wonder why she loves you a lot, but I guess loving a person is not really a choice.” Baheeja kept pouring her words out.

“Baheeja,” Saleem called. “I understand all you are trying to say. But, I don’t feel that way towards her. I barely look at her. Love is a strong feeling, but I can’t just love her that way and I don’t want to pretend to love her either “Saleem said.

“Can’t you at least try?” asked Baheeja.

“I can’t, I don’t want to force myself loving her because if i do that, I might end up hating her” he confessed.

“You can at least try please” Baheeja pleaded.

“Am sorry Baheeja, love isn’t forced. I pray she finds someone who loves her a lot.”

Hmm! Baheeja sighed heavily. She wasn’t going to give up.

“Zayd is still trying to woe Farida, but she isn’t ready to give into him. Several attempts to make her understand his love for failed.

Exams commenced and students were busy with their academics reading.
The examination reading helped Farida quiet a lot to sway away from Saleem’s thought. But, it didn’t change how she felt for him, each time she sees him, she looks at him with glittering tears on her eyes. How can she love a guy who doesn’t look at her twice.

Examination has commenced and students were happy because vacation comes after exam. It will give them time to rest and relax for a while before another semester. It took the school one month to write their exam to avoid course clash.

Exams were done and students were happy to go on vacation. Baheeja and Farida promise to visit each other at home.

“Hy girl! You have to call me everyday” Baheeja said.

“Of course, i will, i will text you, whatsapp even messenger you” Farida added.

“That’s good” Baheeja concluded.

Baheeja saw Saleem and called him. He responded to her call by approaching her.

“You are going home without saying goodbye” Saleem said irritably.

“Common Saleem, i was going to call you” Baheeja said. “Farida and I are leaving today” she added.

Saleem looked at Baheeja briefly before taking a glance at Farida.

” Have a safe trip Farida, said Saleem.

Things were going well for everyone. Vacation was fun. At home Farida had a secret admirer, Abdulmalik, he is cute caring and quite charming. He happens to be the son of her dad’s friend.

Farida finds him quite charming, because he reminds her of her own Saleem. She finds his company fun. She likes him but no strings attached. Her heart was made to love Saleem as a man and no other man.
Abdulmalik wasn’t going to confess his love to Farida yet. “Not now, he always says to himself.

Another session for school commenced, academics activities were going on. Farida still had feelings for Saleem but Saleem still didn’t notice her, she kept admiring and loving him from a far.

One day, Farida approached Saleem. She greeted him and ask if she could speak with him.

Saleem thought for a while before giving her a reply. “If I say no to her, she might tell Baheeja and she will quarrel me, she might even stop speaking with me”, he thought.

“sure, I hope it won’t take time” he said.

His statement hurt her a lot, it sounds as if she was disturbing him. “It won’t take time” she replied.

She sat at the other side of the concrete chair and began talking.

“Do you hate me?” She asked.

“No! why would I hate you, you have done me no wrong”  he replied.

“”I am sorry if i am taking much of your time” she said.

“You ain’t taking much of my time, please say what you have to say, I have class” he replied irritably.

She was about to say something when… to be continued.

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