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Sparkling Tears (Episode 10)

When you have loved a man for too long and they are not returning it, what do you do? When he breaks your heart at will, how do you heal? When you have loved a woman since forever but she has heart set on another man who doest want her, what do you do? The love story of Farida, Saleem and Abdulmalik, it is a love triangle. Who gets the bride, who bit the dust?

Episode 10

On hearing him, she felt happy. “perhaps he has started loving me too”, she thought…she went with him without knowing where he was taking her to…when they got to the premises of the department, he stopped and said to her…

Listen to me carefully “I don’t love you and I never will, stop sending your messengers to disclose the feelings you have for me, now get out of my life and wash off all the feelings you have for me in your heart” Saleem said and pushed Farida inside the pouring rain.

Farida staggered and fell down. She hit a wood and cut herself. Saleem didn’t even look at her. She look around and their was no one looking at her, she got up, all in tears and walked back to her hostel. All through the night, Farida was in tears.

She woke up in the middle of the night “Prayed to Allah(s w t) and asked Him to please bless her with someone that will love, respect and cherish her. At that same moment she vowed to stop loving Saleem.

Farida worked on herself, she did everything possible to stop loving Saleem and gradually, the feelings she had for him were fading away.

When ever Farida sees Saleem, she doesn’t look at him. She was a cheerful being who was always smiling. She refused all the advances other men threw at her, she wasn’t ready for another heart burn.
The semester came to an end. The set of Saleem passed out of the school successfully after their final year exam.

…Years later
Farida passed through schooling successfully, she became a teacher and loved her profession a lot. All the teachers and kids in the school loved her. Her parents were lucky to have her, they would love to keep her forever if possible but she was a lady, she had to get married. Her parents didn’t pressure her about her Nikkah but they were always advising her about it.

She speaks with Abdulmalik all the time.

“Father wants me to bring a man home, but I am not ready for it, I am scared to come across one with a heart like Saleem” she uttered.

“Common Farida, not all men are like him”, you have to give other men some chances” said Abdulmalik.

“I will try, but not now, maybe some day” she said.

“I wish you the best” Abdulmalik added.

Abdulmalik is yet to express his feelings to Farida, he was scared she might assumed he was doing that out of pity, so he thought staying mute will help both of them.

“Alright miss, we will talk more tomorrow, take care,bye.” Abdulmalik added and hung up.

On a Friday, during juma’at sermon, the Imam pleaded with the people to donate whatever they could afford as charity to some orphans in the mosque.

After the sermon, people were moving in and out to donate what they had. In the process of doing that, two men collided with each other. They both apologised and look at each other.

Out of surprise, Abdulmalik uttered..  “Saleem.?”

“Yes, that’s me” Saleem responded.

“Do I know you?” he asked politely

“Not really, but am sure you know someone I know” Abdulmalik added.

“Really, and who could that be?”

“Farida? said Abdulmalik.

The name rang a bell in his ear,he felt hurt hearing the name.

“Fa.. rida!” Saleem stammered…

“Do you still remember Farida?” asked Abdulmalik.

“Of course I do, how can i forget a girl like her” Saleem replied.

Saleem was lost in his thought until he was brought back to the present by Abdulmalik.

“Is your mind somewhere else?” asked Abdulmalik.

“Emm…Not really” replied Saleem. “Where is Farida, how is she, is she working, is she married?” Saleem was asking countless questions of Farida.

Abdulmalik was surprised at his interest in Farida. “Farida is fine and healthy and she is not yet married.”

Roses of flowers were sprouting in the heart of Saleem, he felt happy hearing that Farida was still single.

“Alhamdulillah” that’s good news, he replied.

“If you don’t mind, may I please have your contact” Saleem requested?

“Sure, why not?” Replied Abdulmalik.

He dialed his number on Saleem’s phone and both men path ways.

Farida was happy with her life. Abdulmalik was always there to cheer her up whenever she was lonely and sad.

Its been weeks. Saleem has been thinking about Farida. He realized how lucky he was to have a girl love him that much, but he humiliated her. Ever since he left school, he has been thinking about her, he was sad and unhappy.

He remembered telling his mother about it and she was sad at what he did. What if it were your sister that was treated that way, will you be happy? That was the question she kept asking him, despite all the excuses he produced. Even his mother was not happy with him. Humiliation is not part of a… to be continued.

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