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Sparkling Tears (Episode 11)

If the one you wanted all your life refused to pay you any attention, if he gave you hurting humiliation in return for your the undilluted love you feel for him, if he forced you to give up on him, if he shows up again at that point when you think you have moved on, what would you do? what would your heart do?

Episode 11

He remembered telling his mother about it and she was sad at what he did. What if it were your sister that was treated that way, will you be happy? That was the question she kept asking him, despite all the excuses he produced. Even his mother was not happy with him. Humiliation is not part of a Muslim’s life. Love is naturally gift, I think what she felt for you was natural, indeed you have lost a Pearl, she had concluded.

Saleem wasn’t happy, he had to see Farida, he remembered Abdulmalik telling him she wasn’t married, he still had a chance, After all she loves him a lot, she even admired him from a far. He has to met with her, he thought to himself.

He called Abdulmalik asking him to please help him met Farida. Abdulmalik couldn’t deny him that, perhaps Farida would be happy to see him also, he thought. Abdulmalik agreed to help him met with Farida.

Later that day, Abdulmalik called Farida telling her someone wants to met her. She trusted him and didn’t sense any rouse.

“When does this person wants to met me?” she asked.

“Tomorrow” he replied.

“Fine, then come pick me tomorrow and we will go see the person together” she concluded and hung up.

The next day as planned, she dressed up to met with the unknown visitor. When Abdulmalik came for her she asked him who the visitor was he told her it was a surprise and that kept her quiet.

They got to Sudan’s garden which was the venue for the visitation. On getting to the garden, Abdulmalik called him, telling him they had arrived and he told him he would join them soon.

Few minutes later, they heard “Assalamualeikum…”

“Waaleikumu….” Farida­ paused seeing Saleem. “Waaleikumsalam waramatullah wabarakatuh” she completed. “Saleem…is this you?” she asked. “How have you been?”

“Farida, one question at a time” Abdulmalik chipped in.

“Alhamdulillah, i am fine and you?” Saleem replied.

“I am also fine” she answered.

“Can we sit down and talk and please Abdulmalik can you please excuse us” Saleem requested.

Abdulmalik felt hurt but he quietly left. When Saleem and Farida were comfortable. They both exchange polite pleasantries.

“Farida! he called, I want to sincerely apologise to you and seek your forgiveness for the way i mistreated you at will in college, please forgive me.”

Farida smiled, and said “Saleem its ok, i have forgiven you long ago so please don’t be bother about it”.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you so much Farida, this means a lot to me.”

“Please can i have your contact? he asked.

“Sure, why not?” she replied and gave it to him.

After more conversations they bid fare well and left.

Abdulmalik didn’t ask her what they spoke about, he took her home and he left also.
After that meeting with Farida, Saleem has been texting her, each time, he texted all her replies were “thanks”. He wasn’t happy about it but he didn’t want to pressure her.

Weeks later

Farida’s phone was ringing, it was a contact she didn’t have. She took the call and greeted the caller politely, to her surprise it was zayd calling. Both party conversed happily and in conclusion zayd told her he would be… to be continued.

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