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Sparkling Tears (Episode 2)

Baheeja and Farida are still settling down in the new school, orientations, lectures. as in love stories, this Islamic Love Story get it peak when one of the girls develop a surge for an handsome brother, adjust your glasses/ set your eyes, read on!


Episode 2

Thirty minutes later, the exco’s arrived, they apologises for keeping the students waiting.

In all the process of talking Farida has been sleeping all this while, she was tired of waiting and decided to sleep for a while. On hearing voiced echo, she raised her head and got carried away by the guy talking.
Subahanallah!….how­ could he be.. Who was the guy that caught her attention?

“How could he be here, my neighbour!

‘The stubborn arrogant zayd,who talks to everyone as if they are nothing’ Farida kept soliloquising to herself.

Zayd! A charming sweet young man, who happens to be the neighbour of Farida. He is respectful and caring. Like they say, you never know a person completely.

But, to Farida he is an arrogant young man.

She snapped out of her thought to listen to his orientation.

While the orientation was going on…The departmental president, Saleem Suleiman walked in, a pause was made to acknowledge his presence.

After much guidance from zayd…Saleem was given the chance to welcome the new students.

He spoke softly and gently, he advised the students and gave them more guidance on how to walk on the right path.

Finally the orientation came to an end and all the students left to continue their registration process. Farida was walking towards the dean’s office when she sited zayd and Saleem talking…she decided to walk past zayd so that he won’t notice her.

She wasn’t so lucky, when she heard him call her name. “Farida! she stopped, but didn’t turn around then he walked towards her.

He smiled and greeted her appropriately. She sluggishly responded to him. He was about to start a conversation with her when Saleem called him.

“Zayd we have no time, can we go” on hearing his statement before he could say anything Farida quietly walked away.
Weeks later

School has been so busy, most of the lazy amateurs find it difficult and stressful but the agile ones find it fun and interesting. Farida was one of the agile ones. Everything was going well for her because she was on the track to her passion.

On a Friday evening, Farida! Baheeja called.

Farida and Baheeja became good friends ever since the orientation . It’s just that Farida is hostel situated while Baheeja is off campus.

“Yes meerah” she responded.

“I didn’t understand today’s lecture. Mr ladan was so fast today” Baheeja complained
“Its okay, “I can explain to you in the best way i can “Farida chipped in.

Farida began to explain to her, for about fifteen minutes, Baheeja still… to be continued.

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