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Sparkling Tears (Episode 4)

Farida is in love with Saleem, she thought her friend Baheeja had gotten ahead of her in the race for Saleem’s heart but it wasn’t what she thought. Baheeja only happened to be close to Saleem with no strings attached, she would help her talk to Saleem. Will Saleem x Farida love story happen?


Episode 4

Baheeja’s eyes flashed like sparkling star out of surprise…

“You don’t mean what you are saying” right? Asked Baheeja.

“I mean every bit of it “replied Farida. I find myself loving him as the day goes by “I tried controlling my feelings, but I couldn’t “she added.

“Hmm! my friend…what can i say…”

“Are you also in love with him? asked Farida.

“Me! no way. It’s just that we get along so well that’s why we are always together” she replied.

Farida sighed heavily, it was as if a big rock was lifted off her chest.

“But, Farida! Saleem likes someone else, he has told me a lot about her and from the way he speaks about her, I can tell that he loves her a lot.”

“Arch! Another pierced needle in my heart ” Farida muttered inwardly.

“Am sorry Farida, I wish he had no lover, i would have told him about your feelings myself.”

“It’s ok, let my just keep admiring him from afar” Farida said with tears glittering on her eyes.

Saleem loved another, there was nothing Farida could do,she can only pray and wait for what she has. She keeps encouraging herself by saying “What is mine will never pass me by Inn shaa Allah”, this quote keeps her going. She decided to focus on her academics activities to help sway Saleem’s thought from her heart.

But, her friend Baheeja was worried about her, she decided to help Farida out. Each time she was with Saleem, she ask him a lot about the girl he likes and he tells her a lot about the lady.
The information she was getting was helping a lot, she believes with time, she would be able to tell Saleem about Farida’s feelings.

Academic activities were getting tougher, tests were going on and exams were approaching. Students were always found in the class room reading including Farida and Baheeja. Saleem was always willing to help the ladies out. Whenever Saleem was tutoring them, Baheeja always leave the both of them alone and whenever she returns, she finds Saleem gone and Farida left alone.

“Saleem!” she called. “May I please say something? She asked formally.

“Hey! What’s going on, you are scaring me with your serious tone.”

“Its because i am serious” she uttered

“Hmm! go ahead and speak, I am listening” he replied sluggishly.

“Hmm! She sighed heavily and hesitated for a while before speaking.

“It’s about my friend Farida” she said.

“What about her?” he asked.

“The thing is…”

“Spill it out already Baheeja” he said irritably.

“She is in love with you..”

On hearing what Baheeja said, Saleem face betrayed his… to be continued

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