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Sparkling Tears (Episode 3)

In this episode of this eccentric Islamic Love Story the sparkling tears start to brew, Farida finds out her heart is pounding heavily for a handsome young brother. All her heart wants is for her to belong to the young man. She was not going to sit and let her love slip away but she is having her heart broken even before the love is guaranteed. Read ahead, as Farida shapes up her love story.

Episode 3

Farida began to explain to her, for about fifteen minutes,Baheeja still couldn’t get it.

“Farida sighed heavily out of tiredness and out of ideas on how to help Baheeja understand”

“Why not just tell her that it has to do with any literary aspect performed orally. for examples, story telling, rhymes,  poems,theatre etc”. The explainer said smiling. “In conclusion When you do any aspect of entertainment orally, it’s considered oral literature” Saleem who happened to be the explainer concluded.

“Is that all?!” Baheeja exclaimed. “Its as easy as this. Thank you so much” she said cheerfully.

“You’re welcome “Saleem said.

“The academic activities ain’t that easy on us, that’s why am trying my best to understand everything taught from the onset to avoid bulky reading before exam, if only we could have a voluntary tutor, to teach us the scheme before the main lecturer do” Baheeja blabbed without a pause.

Farida was all quiet, she viewed a point in Baheeja’s suggestion. But who would want to tutor them.

“We are planning to arrange tutorial classes for the new students , it will start next week. You can join if you please”, Saleem said.

“That’s good, we will be there”.

A month later

Tutorials have been going well, lectures have become more fun for Farida and Baheeja, both ladies enjoy the lecture better, because to them it seem like a revision.

Farida happens to be enjoying the tutorial than anyone, because of her crush for the president. She adores everything about Saleem. The way he talks, smiles, interact and mingle with everyone. She dreams about him constantly, most at time even during the day.

She didn’t tell anyone about her feelings towards Saleem not even Baheeja.

She couldn’t give her heart to anyone, not even zayd who has been asking her out for a month now.
Her heart has been occupied by the thought of Saleem.

During one of the tutorial classes, she decided to go in early to met Saleem and confess her feelings to him. When she got to the class, She saw something that pierced her heart, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Her heart was pierced with a sharp needle. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she hopes what she is seeing is a lie.

Baheeja and Saleem were busy chatting and laughing. They look so happy and all smiley.
She couldn’t bear it. What sort of jealousy is she feeling.

Tears were filled in her eyes, she couldn’t do anything, she decided to wait for some minutes if they would notice her both they were so engrossed on their discussion.

“Hi Farida”, the call of her name startled her. She detected the voice and bagged out of the class before zayd could see her tears.

She couldn’t go to the hostel, she decided to go to the mosque to pour her heart out to her Lord.
When she was done observing her salat, she pour her heart out to Allah(s w t). She cried her heart out. She was so much in love with him.

What if he loves Baheeja,what will she do, she thought to herself. On a second thought, Baheeja never told her about she and Saleem going out, she felt a bit relieved. She went back to her hostel, went to bed without eating,while in her thought she fell asleep.

The next day, at her department, before lecture, she saw Saleem and Baheeja so engrossed in another discussion, all laughing and chatting, she felt another heart ache, so painful for her to bear.
She sat down quietly in the class without talking to Baheeja, she was giving her cold shoulders.

“Farida! Are you ill? Baheeja asked out of concern.

“I am just a little tired, she lied.

“Its ok, i know lectures have not be easy but don’t stress yourself out. I talked to Saleem, he said we can start extra tutorials” Baheeja blabbed out.

On hearing the name of Saleem from her mouth, she felt hurt and jealous.

“That’s good” she responded drily.

For days now Baheeja and Saleem were all seen together by her. She couldn’t bear the pain anymore and decided to come clean to her friend. During tutorial class, she confessed to Baheeja.

“Baheeja!” she called.

“may I tell you something” she asked.

“Sure, why not” Baheeja, responded.

She hesitated for a while, then she said “Am in love with Saleem”…

Baheeja’s eyes flashed like sparkling star out of… to be continued.

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