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Sparkling Tears (Episode 7)

Saleem doesn’t feel about Farida the way she felt about him, but she didn’t mind. It didn’t matter to her whether she seemed desperate or cheap. If someone was in her shoes, they would understand her. Would Saleem ever understand her feelings? would she meet someone who ever would? who she ever feel for AbdulMalik what she feels for Saleem? Was Saleem only fronting and would later show his true colour? >>>

Episode 7

His words hit her, that was the exact words she wanted to tell Saleem.

She was quiet for a while then she spoke “am sorry zayd, but I can’t” she uttered.

“Think about it Farida, I am not giving up on you” zayd said and bid good night to her.

She couldn’t go back to the hostel, she felt zayd’s pain. She was in his shoes, so she understood his aches.
She was broken, how will she focus on her academics activities, her sole aim in school.

She could handle the pain, she thought of what to do to help reduce her pain then she remembered “Her life was ruled by her Creator, He understands her better and He is always willing to listen and help her”.

She went to the mosque, performed her Ablution and observed two raka’at salat, it was 10:00pm in the night people were few in the mosque, she decided to stay outside so as to enable her cry her heart out to her lord.

After observing the salat, she sat down with hope and faith, seek for forgiveness from her Creator then she poured her heart out to Him in tears.

She sat for thirty minutes and when she was done she went on Sujjudul Shukrah thanking Allah(s w t) for granting her peace. She found peace in her heart.

She left the mosque at 11:00pm. On her way to the hostel, she received a call from Abdulmalik, as usual, he cheered her up and she felt light headed and happy.

The next day, she was glowing, her face was filled with smiles and happiness.

“Farida! Baheeja called. You couldn’t even tell me how it went with Saleem.”

“I am sorry, it was late and i couldn’t wait for you” Farida uttered.

“So, did you talk to him?” asked Baheeja.

“No! he didn’t give me the chance” replied Farida. “But, it’s ok, I am used to him behaving that way towards me”, she added.

“I will talk to him” Baheeja uttered.

“Alright you can do that” Farida responded.

“Let’s go in for lectures , else we will be late.”

Baheeja met with Saleem.

“How could you behave that way with Farida, who are you, what do you take yourself for , is loving you a crime, she saw others, others came to her but she still chose you, what the heck is your problem Saleem” Baheeja blabbed.

“I have no problem Baheeja. I just don’t feel that way towards her and i can’t force myself to feel that way for her, am sorry Baheeja, i am sorry “Saleem said.

“Its ok, but she loves you, can’t you see it, can’t you feel it” Baheeja added.

“I don’t know Baheeja because I have not try noticing her “said Saleem.

“You treat her bad, yet she loves you, you ignore her, she still loves you, do you know she is contented admiring you from a far” said Baheeja.

“Baheeja! he called, i don’t know…all i know is, I don’t feel that way about her” said Saleem.

“It’s ok, Baheeja said. But one day, you would look for her but won’t find her, she will be taken and you will regret it” she added.

“If I want her i will have her, because like you said…she admires me from a far.”

“Baheeja looked at him shook her head and walked away.”

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