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Sparkling Tears (Episode 8)

Hello storybirds, So Farida still thinks Saleem is just having a love holiday, she was even preparing love quotes for him when he finally comes around. If not that she was mentally braced for an Islamic state consequences, she would have lost her emotional intelligence with Saleem always turning her down… Like a defence space administrator, Abdul Malik came and….

Episode 8

Months later…

The semester was coming to an end and it was Saleem’s final year. Saleem still had no feelings for Farida but Farida still felt same way about him. She has decide to tell him about her feelings even if he would listen or not, so she met with him.

She spoke with him politely.
“Saleem,” she called.

He was tired of her matter, he was irritates by her, therefore, he didn’t bother to answer her, she was determined to speak with him.

He was trying to walk away from her then she said to him, “Saleem, I know you are with the knowledge of my feelings towards you, the reason am here is for you to hear it from me. I am in love with you. I don’t mind being with you knowing am the only one sharing the feelings, I don’t care but just having you in my life is enough for me, just let me love you, please” she pleaded.

“Look Baheeja, I don’t really care, if you feel you can handle a one-sided love then its ok, you can go ahead and love me, but don’t expect my love in return” he uttered. “You have become a pain in my neck, i find you irritating but all the same I don’t care” he added.

“It’s ok, I just want you to know how I feel about you personally, I am not willing to give up, you can call me cheap and shameless, I won’t feel bad about it, all i feel for you is love and i am grateful for it “said Farida.

Farida left happily, because Saleem told her to love him if she can handle a one-sided love.

“Look at her, feeling so happy, she thought my giving her a chance will help me love her, she has no idea what she has gotten herself into, more humiliation, more insults for her. Shameless girl. How can a girl be so stupid, confessing her feeling to a man, despite being turned down and humiliated countless times, she is still shamelessly trying. I will crush her and break her more” Saleem blabbered.
Weeks to second semester examination…

Farida was always calling Saleem, if she was lucky, he takes her calls, if she wasn’t, he ignores her calls. There are days when she sees him around the school premises, when she tries to talk to him, its either he keeps her standing or walks out on her. At times she feels hurt other times she let it be.

A week to their examination, Abdulmalik visited Farida at school. She was happy to see him. He was the man who makes her smile and happy most of her days. She was speaking with Abdulmalik when she saw Saleem, she excused herself from Abdulmalik and went to speak with Saleem.

“Hi Saleem”

Before she could say something Saleem shut her up by saying “Please I don’t want you around me right now like a fly”.

Farida was hurt, in the midst of people he insulted and humiliated her. His hidden insults and humiliation was okay but in public…she couldn’t bear it. Out of shame, she covered herself and walked out on him.

Abdulmalik sat quietly waiting for her to return. But Farida didn’t return, he decided to trace her steps, looking around he saw her sitting quietly at a corner with her hijab on her face.

“Farida! he called… What happened why are you in tears?” he asked out of concern for her.

Farida who couldn’t hold it in anymore narrated everything to Abdulmalik…he was hurt…he felt her pain. He consoled her, told her encouraging words and excused himself from her.

Abdulmalik on leaving Farida went to look for Saleem at the school of languages. It didn’t take him much time to get to him. He thought of what to say to him when he sees him. In the next five minutes he was face to face with Saleem and… to be continued.

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