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Sparkling Tears (Episode 9)

Farida still believes she she can have her own royal wedding with Saleem one day, she continues to press for progress. Despite all the humiliation, She was ready to do anything to get him, be it fasting for 21 days or maybe even delete facebook, whatsapp, all of her social media to be with only him… She is Abdulmalik’s WCW but yet he is to have a face to face with Saleem, how would it go?

Episode 9

Abdulmalik greeted Saleem in the proper Islamic way…Saleem without knowing him, gave him a hand shake.

“Emm…please, I have not seen you here before, have we met? asked Saleem.

“Not really…i am not a student here, i am here on visiting. Em please if you don’t mind, may i please have some words with you? Abdulmalik asked politely.

“Sure, of course, Saleem replied.

” Thank you” said Abdulmalik.

When both young men were on sit, Abdulmalik began.

“Brother, we have not met before, but, I am here on behalf of someone…when I start talking, you will know who it is i am referring to” Abdulmalik uttered.

“Ok”…am all ears” said Saleem.

“I have not seen a lady so much in love despite being humiliated, insulted and hurt…on hearing this Saleem was getting irritated…of course another messenger of Farida” Saleem said inwardly.

“Farida loves you, it’s not easy for a lady to open up to a man, she has got her dignity to keep, but like they say ” love makes one do silly things”. Please give her a chance, try loving her, at least a bit am sure she will be contented with it “Abdulmalik uttered.

“Hmm…I don’t know you but with due respect, I have got classes and i have to go” Saleem said and left.

“Hmm! Abdulmalik sighed heavily..what has Farida gotten herself into…” he said inwardly.

He went back to Farida talked to her and told her not to give up if she still loves him. Abdulmalik was actually in her school to confess his feelings to her but with this, he couldn’t do anything. He requested for Farida’s phone,without Farida knowing he copied Saleem’s phone contact and handed her phone back to her. He spent some time cheering her up before taking his leave.

Farida felt ashamed, how will she face those who Saleem humiliated her in their presence…how will she cope with such kind of insult. She didn’t forget her faith in Allah(s w t ). Allah(s w t) is always there to listen to her and help her out. She went to the mosque observed her Nafeel salat and cried to Allah(s w t) after much communication with her Lord, she felt light headed and heart free. She went back to the school premises and it was as if nothing happened.

Few days later.

Abdulmalik called Saleem pleading with him to give Farida a chance but Saleem wasn’t listening to him.
Because of Farida he and Baheeja don’t talk much and he felt bad about it.

Saleem told some of his friends about Farida and they advised him wrongly “if she loves you take what she has to offer as a woman and let her be, after all she is the one throwing herself at you” some of his friends advised. I can’t do that, I will just let her be and not pay attention to her.

Examination has commenced and is almost rounding up, it was the last day for Saleem as a student in the school. Farida was worried, she wanted to see Saleem before he leaves, because she knows he won’t notify her before leaving.

Later that day, It was raining heavily…she was worried, it was already getting late and the rain was not showing any sign of stoppage. She had no umbrella. She had no choice than to run in the rain to their department. There she saw Saleem.

“Saleem” she called. He looked at her and was disgusted by her act.

With a shaky voice she said “I just came to wish you well and success in life, we might likely not see for a while” she uttered. Saleem didn’t reply her.
“And i also want to say thank you for letting me love you” she added.

“You love me right… Then come with me” he said.

…to be continued.

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