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Sparkling Tears (Final Episode)

You toiled so hard to have someone’s heart but he never looked at you with a smile on his face, Someone else treats you like an egg, always being there for you like your amour, he wanted you as  woman though he never mentioned it but you only wanted him as a brother. Now the man you always wanted is back with love in his heart for you, The one who never mentioned it now finds the zest to do, the one who is in love with you even if you don’t is also calling… You have to choose one. Enjoy!

Final Episode

That same week, Abdulmalik had made up his mind to confess his feelings to Farida. He visited her home. Made her laugh as usual and he said to her “Farida, i am in love with you and i would like to marry you” he said without looking at her.

She wasn’t surprise at his words. Abdulmalik cared about her, she adored him and he was always there for her.

“I am happy with your confession but please give sometime, i shall reply you sooner” she uttered.

“Alhamdulillah, I am happy with your response, I shall take my leave, take care”

He left and she sat down thinking, she knew he loved her but she had no feelings for him, she will learn to love him, she soliloquised. At least it’s better than marrying someone else, someone whose heart she doesn’t know, she thought.

Few days later, Zayd visited Farida as promised, just like before, he told her he was still in love with her, no woman appealed to his heart like her. He had even tried proposing to other ladies but he felt no love for them. “Please marry me Farida, I am ok with a one-sided love” he said.

His words hit her, she remembered telling Saleem the exact same words, but what can she do Abdulmalik had already proposed to her.

“Zayd! she called. Someone else has proposed to me”, she said.

Zayd felt a bit hurt, he came too late, someone else has Farida, there was nothing he could do, he wished her well and left.

Weeks later, Farida had already accepted Abdulmalik’s proposal and both couples where engaged. One Saturday evening, Saleem requested to see Farida and she didn’t oblige. When they met, he asked her to marry him.

She looked at him and smiled then she said “I am engaged”.

Her words hit him hard.

“To who?” he asked.

“To Abdulmalik”, she replied.

He looked at her with hurt in his eyes, his eyes were filled with tears, and then he said “Farida pleas, don’t marry him, please i beg you, he was seriously crying begging her, pleading with her, asking her to marry him and not Abdulmalik. She was surprised at his request.

“Why now Saleem? why now? i am still me, the same Farida you said you will never love, the same one you pushed under the rain asking her to wash her feelings off. I did as you requested, I washed away my feelings so please let me be?” she concluded and walked away.

“Oh Allah! what have i done, what did i do, I can’t lose Farida not now not ever.”

Saleem was hurt, he couldn’t stop thinking about Farida, he needed her, he wanted. He thought of something. He went to Abdulmalik asking him to let him have Farida.

“Brother, he called. I know you and Farida are engaged. I am here to asked you to please let me have her.” Saleem was in tears begging, “please let me have Farida.
Abdulmalik looked at him and said..

Abdulmalik looked at him and said “I am sorry Saleem, i can’t. I love Farida a lot and I can’t bear to lose her to anyone” Farida is a part of my life, ever since she accepted my proposal, I feel her love like the blood that runs through my veins”.

“I beg you, pleas, please let me have her” Saleem continued pleading.

“Don’t you understand, I can’t.” Abdulmalik said and left.

Saleem was down, he couldn’t control his tears “I have indeed lost a pearl, I have lost the heart that loved me sincerely “he murmured.

Few weeks to the wedding of Farida and Abdulmalik, Saleem still could not accept the news of Farida marrying Abdulmalik. He still kept trying and he was always in tears each time he went to Farida.

Farida and her parents were making preparation for her Nikkah.

Abdulmalik was the happiest man on earth.” I am getting married to the lady that appeals to my heart” Alhamdulillah” he soliloquised.

Zayd was happy for Farida, but he still wished he was the one marrying her.

The Nikkah was a simple one. There were lots of food and drinks to consume. All friends and well wishers attended the Nikkah. Including Baheeja, zayd and Saleem.

Everyone was happy for the couples except for Saleem. When the wedding Fatihah was said and Farida declared the wife of Abdulmalik, Saleem felt as if a sharp needle was pierced in his heart. He went to a corner of the venue and was in tears.

He was sobbing when a voice said to him “I told you, you will regret your act towards her one day” and that day is today”.
The voice sounded familiar to his ears. He looked at the speaker and he exclaimed in tears” Baheeja!
Is this you?

“I have missed you and am sorry for everything. Indeed, you told me that, one day i will regret my actions but I never listened, today, I sure am regretting it big time. “Alhamdulillah” I am a bit happy because, “she forgave me. The pain i feel in my heart is letting another have her, it will haunt me forever.”
Saleem concluded.

“You didn’t wrong me, I will always be here when you need me”, said Baheeja. “I have to bid my friend goodbye and wish her well, see you later.”

Farida was accompanied to her husband’s house and everyone who accompanied her wished her well. When Farida and Abdulmalik where left alone, Abdulmailik said to her; ”I am not a perfect being, but, i promise to always put a smile on your face, to make you the queen of my heart and of my home, I shall be a husband who respects and adores you and not a husband who will act like a boss”.

“Alhamdulillah, Today, i am grateful to Allah(s w t) for He has answered my prayers and blessed me with the kind of spouse i asked Him for. Alhamdulillah!”


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This story ” Sparkling Tears” is written to give Muslims faith in love. Give your heart to Allah(s w t) and Inn shaa Allah He will give it to a human being who deserves it.

Put your trust and faith only in Allah(s w t). You are close to achieving what you have been praying for “Inn shaa Allah” have some faith. Patience is the virtue of a true believer.

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