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Surprise in the Garden (Islamic Love Story) Ep. 3

Episode 3

Grandma was so perplexed she also had forgotten that death existed. She apologized to Maryam again and they both parted ways .Grandma said immediately she got home she gave out all her expensive wears and bought casual once. When grandma told me all this, I didn’t care until when grandma died, when she died she was not buried with anything, she was buried with a white cloth.

Aisha was still in tears ,you see Abduljaleel that is my first reason for wearing casual wears, the second reason is because of my friends ,the friends I keep in school are all from poor homes, I want them to feel as if I am one of them ,I want them to know that I feel their thirst and famine, when they don’t have money for handout I pretend as if I don’t have also, I buy when they buy theirs, Money is not everything, with my friends I always remember that this world is nothing without love and people to care for/

This time around I looked at Aisha’s face, she had stopped crying.

“What a story” I said.

“Yes quit a story” she replied.

“But why does Ameerah show herself off” I asked.

“Ameerah is a nice girl, she cares a lot for people at times she helps me out by buying the handouts for my friends to avoid delay” said Aisha.

“OK Aisha jazakillahukhairan for the story”

“waaiyaaka” said Aisha.

“Alright I have class now”  I said.

“Alright brother I will see you around INN SHA ALLAH”

We both parted ways. On my arrival to the department, I saw Ameerah sitting alone, and decided to talk to her before the arrival of their lecturer.

“Salamualeik­i, May I please talk to you” I asked.

“Of course you can talk to me” replied Ameerah.

“Masha Allah, Ameerah why are you a snub” I inquired.

She looked at me with that ‘I will give this boy a hot slap’ eyes, but she didn’t say anything.

“Why such kind of question” Ameerah finally asked.

“I just want to know.” I replied.

“OK I will tell you. in a world filled with different kind of humans whom you can’t open their hearts and mind to see what they hold in, is it not better you behave like a stranger to them?”

I looked at her and nod my head.

she continued , “I am not a perfect being but I don’t like people judging me, so I keep a low profile and act like a spoiled brat so no one offends me and I offend no one.”

I could­n’t say anything but finally I spoke, “but Ameerah, people will misjudge you no matter what, they won’t see things the way you do, may I advice you” she said yes, then I said to her, “be yourself, be who you want Allah (s w t) to see and let the humans see you that way”

she looked at me with the eyes of ‘what has gotten into this boy’ and finally she said ok, she will be herself IN SHA ALLAH, and thanked me, and just then their lecturer came in.

I­ left for his seat. After the lecture, it was time for Zuhr prayer, I was on my way to the masjid, so was Ameerah and then I said to her, “can we walk to the masjid together?” she said not a problem and so we did.

when she got to the corner of the masjid lead, she took another lead and went inside the female masjid, after Zuhr prayer, it was time for our Biology lecture and they both went for it, after the lecture it was time to go home, I went home and so did Aisha and Ameerah.

When I got home, I gisted mummy, “Ummah, Ai­sha has given me a reason for her changes”

“Masha Allah” said ummah.

“But something else is in my mind, she has a sister called Ameerah, Ameerah on the inside is kind hearted but on the outside she is something else, but today I advised her to be who she wants Allah (s w t) to be proud of.

“Masha Allah my son you did well”

The next day was Saturday, my brother was returning home that day from Gombe state, we were were making preparation for his return.

“salamualeikum”­ a voice said.

“waaleikasalam” I replie­d. It was my brother Habeeb,

“Come in dear” said ummah. “You are welcome,how was you trip?” she asked.

“Alhamdulillah” Habeeb ­replied

“Go in take your bath and come for lunch”

Aisha and Ameerah were busy with their books, Aisha was reading a novel and Ameerah was solving a chemistry question.

“Let’s go and make lunch for Abi and ummi” said Aisha.

“You please go ahead I will join you in the kitchen soon” said Ameerah.

“OK then”

Lunch was ready on the dining table Alhaji Abubakar and his family were eating. In the process of eating Alhaji Abubakar cleared… to be continued.

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