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Surprise in the Garden (Islamic Love Story) Ep. 4

Episode 4

Lunch was ready on the dining table Alhaji Abubakar and his family were eating. In the process of eating Alhaji Abubakar cleared his throat, “Aisha, Ameerah”­ he called his daughters.

“Na’am” they both replied.

“Please lend me your ears while you are eating”

“OK Abi.” They both chorused.

“Now that you are in your final year of schooling, I would like you both to get married immediately after your school, if Allah (s w t) wills it.”

“OK Abi” both girls replied.

After lunch they did the dishes and went back to their rooms.


I was in my room, when Habeeb came in.

“What has my younger brother been up to during my absence” he asked.”

“Well nothing much Ya Habeeb” I replied.

“Tell me the truth”

“Ok I will tell you something interesting. I met two sister recently Aisha and Ameerah, both of them are different and unique in their own ways”

“Really?” he asked “tell me more” Habeeb said.

I told Habeeb everything that happen between Aisha, Ameerah and I.

“That quit a story” he said. “I am so tired, I need to sleep”

“OK go to bed we will talk more tomorrow INN SHA ALLAH.”

Abduljaleel, went to meet Aisha.

“Salamualeiki Aisha”

“waaleikasalam,­ Abduljaleel, please sit down” said Aisha.

Abduljaleel sat down and he began, “Aisha I would like to come see your parents, I want to marry Ameerah”

Aisha was surprised tears filled her eyes, she was in love with him and he was in love with his sister, what would she do and then she summoned the courage and gave him the address of her home.

Aisha was crying when Ameerah came to met her.

“Why are you crying ya Aisha?”

“Am in love with Abduljaleel but he loves you”

“What did you just say” asked Ameerah.

“I said Abduljaleel is in love with you, but he never said such to me”

“If you love him so much, when he proposes to me I will decline him INN SHA ALLAH” said Ameerah.

“Will you do that for my sake asked Aisha”

“Of course I will” said Ameera.

“jazakillahuk­hairan Ameerah you are the best” Aisha said.

Ameerah was sitting in the garden when Abduljaleel came to met her, she was thinking about Abduljaleel.


“waaleikasalam,m­ay I sit with you?” asked Abduljaleel.

“Bismilla­h” said Aisha and he sat down.

“Ameerah i have something to say to you” said Abduljaleel.

“You can say” it said Ameerah.

“Please permit me to meet your parents I want to marry you

“You want to marry me?” asked Ameerah “do you really want to marry me?”

“Yes I want to marry you INN SHA ALLAH,what do you say about my proposal will you accept it.

Tears filled Ameerah’s eyes and she said, “am going to be honest with you Abduljaleel, I love you too and I would love to marry you but Aisha is in love with you, she had tears in her eyes this morning when she was confessing her love for you to me, she was crying a lot, I can’t do this to her, I can’t marry the love of her life.

Abduljaleel was about to say something when she told him to keep mute and he did and then she said to him pleas go to my house with Aisha’s proposal and he said OK.

Abduljaleel and his brother Habeeb went to Alhaji Abubakar’s house with the proposal of… to be continued.

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