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The Beating of My Life by Adeku Adeyemi Raphael (McYemmyte)

 Adeyemi Adeku Raphael, the Physiotherapist got the beating of his life the day he played the best soccer of his life. Read and Enjoy.

Adeyemi Adeku Raphael, the Physiotherapist got the beating of his life the day he played the best soccer of his life. Read and Enjoy.

The Beating of My Life

Receiving a lot of sunshine on this fateful afternoon, I had already dribbled past four players before I noticed the tone of lamentations coming from behind, oh! I had forgotten he was part of my team until I raised the ball above and across the saggital plane of his body alignment while he was still trying to assume the right spot and maintain proper positioning while he awaits the ball, were my eyes closed? Maybe I was too good at footballing

Flexibility in terms of decision making, I was always at it. Physically, it was like my entire body was made of bendsome materials, that I could twist in any direction, hmmm….it really helped in body movement. The level of agility I’ve got was a far cry from any other’s, the magical footworks were the addendum to my crazy display, little wonder everyone kept feeding me with passes on the field of play

Majestically walking as I approached the small-sized pitch located Northeast to the major entrance of the community, looking dapper in a black and yellow customized Jersey tucked in an already growing wools old school short, I can’t even count on my fingers the number of times myself and my mum had practiced our stitching skills on it. Taking steps closer, I smiled, I needed not any measuring instrument before I could observe the addition in width of the mini goal posts, I have been very conversant with the pitch, that the grasses also bowed under the soles of my boots. Almost getting on the pitch, the sun’s intensity kept rising and radiating all over my soul, where were the spectators? In my imaginable mind, it was like the stadium had been shifted close to hell

A sudden outcry of my name took over the space, people vehemently jumping and celebrating, like the arrival of a Messiah, the opponents who knew I could be a pain in their asses were also pleased because they knew it was time to see entertainment football. McYEMMYTE! my soccer name, I needed not to be told by a prophet, I just knew I was a star that any team would sacrifice to get two players substituted for me, only if the rules of football would permit

Not minding the booming smell diffusing into my nostrils from my boots, I quickly laced them tightly like it was a tug of war and it was permanently going to b worn “to win the race, you’ve got to lace your shoes tightly” morals were high, expectations were up, temperature kept rising like it would dry up the ocean, I have got everybody’s back, even the ghosts, playing below expectations would be the last thing, I never wanted to see anybody leave disappointed

Beads of sweat all over me, rolling down my head to the feet, like a circulation that needed to be met, I had run the entire perimeter of the pitch, the footworks were highly fantastic, I had put my team 2 goals up and I was still ready to break my back in putting the ball behind the net to achieving a hat trick

Tactics upon tactics, substitutes being made, defenders hindering my movements, blockages within my domain, its 5 minutes to the final whistle, all I needed to achieve was a goal to complete a hat trick, time keeps ticking, alas! My bladder filled up, speedily jumped into the mini bush like I was hunting an animal, just behind the opponents goal post, sigh! Much relieve came over me

Straight into the space, many meters above ground level was a projection, descending systematically at an unknown projectile, still trying to battle with the misplaced rope, one end hidden in the short, it landed exactly on my right foot, amazingly, it was the ball, if soccer is played in heaven, “heavenly up through” I would pronounce, the keeper knew he was finished, being within the closest range, no chance was given, I wasted no seconds, it was like a rocket, the ball took its course through the top right corner of the goal post and landed right inside the net

Disagreement and confusion gloomed everywhere, shout of “goal” to the right, “offside” to the left, like I give a hoot, who cares? The match was over. Exactly like a thunder strike, even synonymous to an earthquake, while in the display of jumping, mood of celebration, on both halves of my buttocks, behold it was a resounding slap, immediately, I woke up to life. I had displayed all the magical footwork on her all night, I had swum in a urine pool just at the centre of the bed, oh, what an invention! I detest dreams, I had the greatest beating of my life at 7, I made sure I stayed away from anything ball like, perhaps it could be a second dream of being paraded as a star footballer, hence, giving birth to a merciless beating I might live to remember till the end of time (lol)

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