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What the ‘F’ Do You Mean When You Say People Fall in Love?

Biade Fola seems to be a novice in the matters of the heart. Maybe he wants to fall in love, maybe not but his questions are thought provoking. Enjoy.

Biade Fola seems to be a novice in the matters of the heart. Maybe he wants to fall in love, maybe not but his questions are thought-provoking. Enjoy.

What the ‘F’ d’yu mean when you say people fall in love?

What the ‘F’ d’yu mean when you say people fall in love?

Is it the thing that happens between you and the other person that makes you feel like all your worries are loading off at wharf?

Or some kind of feelings that mess up with your mind and make you feel like you jumping off

Cuz you think you’ve had enough?


What is love and falling in it?

I quite don’t get its  intricacy;

Buh I’ve heard its tales from dick and harry;

They got mouths on powerhorse, strong and active,

telling rainbow shades of their different love tales;


The more I hear about love, the more puzzled I become.

Kurt Vonnegut said A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved;

But C. S. Lewis said There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal;


While my bias tends to align with Lewis,

My heart is kind of refusing to do the leaning,

So the terms of an alliance between my head and heart, I’m still learning;


The dilemma is, my heart wants to fall in love like a scuba diver,

but my  head keeps saying No, Never,

that the current and pressure in love, are  enough

to mess up with my oxygen bank,

And screw me completely without a driver;


I’m not a confused man, I’m just a bloke who accepts the opinion

that love is a multi-faceted phenomenon;


It can make you grin like the Cheshire cat

Can also make you whine and frown like the Cheshire farmer hit with a bad harvest.

Love can make you cry. It can make you smile, it is paradoxical;


So when you hear that  love is in the air, be cautious before you inhale,

The air is contaminated with substances that can make you wail,

You see, the chances of biting the meat  of “happy ever after” are very  frail,

And there is a myth that says its very tough to feel how it tastes,


Yet, however tough,  we all seek the holy grail.

And the legend of the seekers says

very few get love while many just get laid;


I really don’t understand what is meant by people fall in love

Perhaps,  my experience and attention to details are really not enough;


Or how can I explain the  situation of a  man who seeks after the heart of a woman

only to be told that the heart has been carted away by another man.

To which he replied “if you’re happy with him, then its fine.

After all, it’s your happiness that I will strive for if you’re mine;


The question is, Is he really going to be  happy with the fact that he couldn’t have  her

Will sleeping soundly with no worries not be so hard?


What of the situation of a  person whose heart was pierced by the lethal arrow of love; the person he loves have rejected him,

He felt so bad that he could only see sad notes and verses in hymns

And his strongest idea of how to get a better feeling,

Is “I will make sure nobody wants her, since she doesn’t want me”

“I’ll tarnish her pride as a woman; maybe I’ll kill her or give her  an acid bath to  wash off her beauty”

That’s Pathetic huh?


So what do we say about a person who believes hurt is inevitable in love?

She thinks you have to be served heavy doses of hot and spicy hurt consistently,

Till your emotional belly is filled to capacity,

Only then you’ll feel no more hurt but love!

My question is, what if one is allergic to this hurt therapy and ends up bursting up instead of loving up?


I don’t understand what it means to fall in love but I do know that I’m a lover,

I love my papa, I love my momma, I love my brothers and sisters.

I fall for my friends and family,

And just like it is in the scriptures, I love my neighbours as myself!

And I’ll be happy if my unborn kids know this kind of love and maybe more.

So since I do not understand the meaning of fall in love, I’m not in a good position to preach for it, or against it.

All I wanna know is what the ‘F’ you mean when you say people fall in love!

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