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When I was a Child

This piece makes a deliberate attempt to express the mind of a the child. 'When I was a child' is a Children's Day reflection, enjoy.

It’s May 27, It’s Children’s day. Here is my Children’s day reflection.


When I was a Child


I used to be a child back then

Or should I say I was once a ‘children’


Child or children… I grew up

Cuz I got Patience and Good luck

To make it out of childhood where I come from

You need those two, it’s in the laws


Can I call my childhood beautiful, I can’t say

Was it ugly? Hell no

Flew kites and danced in the rains

Daddy’s leftovers were our gains


Had no worries, mummy always put things in place,

Yea, maybe some worries took some space


Like the frights that came when it was dark

Like the toys the other boys had

Like when mummy went to market and left you behind


When you’re enjoying your play,

One big person came bearing a cain,


What were those worries again?

Dads spanking your ass and giving it pains

Just cuz you said the same thing you heard him say

Shut you up like the word is the plague,

 He’ll make you say you’ll never say it again


The old ones called us little and small

But I never saw petit when I looked at my friend, Jamal

They were just too big, we weren’t small


Yeah, yeah as far as worries goes

The child got his dose


But really, what can I remember?

I was a child, I hardly knew my numbers,

It was all good as far as I got stuff from my mother

And daddy slain some chickens in December


Life was fun, sleeping was a distraction

No heartbreaks, just dissatisfactions

Cries were cries and laughters were genuine


Our heart was gold,

We make up after the fights on the go

“Go with your bicycle, I’m not playing with you”

The things we say but didn’t really do


Kept no grudges,  no malice,

Give me a big hug and one fat kiss,

And whatever would leave mind

…. and give my sad face a dimply smile,


No complexities, no hassle

Wake in the morning and sleep at night

…and have fun in-between

I was a child and I the miss me of then.

© Biade Fola

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Happy Children’s day to all beautiful kids out there, this is dedicated to you.


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