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Winnie (…a story of love and grief)

Have you ever imagined looking at things from the perspective of your dog, your cat? Did you imagine walking in their shoes?Read Winnie's emotional story and have a feel of your pet's heart.

Have you ever imagined looking at things from the perspective of your dog, your cat? Did you imagine walking in their shoes?Read Winnie’s emotional story and have a feel of your pet’s heart.


I never knew animals could feel the tender emotions of love and the grief. I never really imagined it until Winnie came into our family.
Winnie was our dog. Black, with a wide expanse of white fur on her chest area. She had a little patch of white around one shoulder blade.
She was a warm, homely dog, but unfriendly with strangers. Winnie recognized all our family members, friends and regular visitors, and would wag her tail and dance joyfully, rubbing against legs, seeking for a pat or some snacks.
She would bark ferociously at strangers and could even bite if they entered the compound without any known person nearby to supervise their entry. She was just like that. A local dog with no training, she knew just what to do, where to go and where not to go, where to poop and where not to.
Several times, we would wake up to find bush rats in front of the kitchen door, untouched apart from the teeth marks where she attacked the animal. She was an intelligent hunting dog.
She had several puppies for us, most of which we gifted out to friends and family.
However, the incident which forever created an impression in my mind, was a time when she had a set of puppies. Cute little things, always running all over the compound, wagging their little tails and making delightful sounds.


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That fateful evening, dad arrived with usual signature horn. As usual, we all rushed out to open the gate. The puppies were scattered all over. Dad drove in, and the next thing we heard was terrible squealing. A puppy was squashed under the tyre! With alacrity, dad quickly reversed, but the deed was done, the puppy was already dead. Right there in front of us and Winnie and the other puppies. Winnie began to whine, low terrible groans of pain.
Sadly, we buried the puppy, thinking that was the end. How wrong we were! From that day, Winnie and one of the other puppies stopped eating! Winnie refused to play. She no more wagged her tail, she no more barked. She would just lay in one position for hours. It was as if she had totally lost the will to live!
It took a lot of effort from everyone to bring her back. We began to pay her more attention, played more with her. It was an effort to coarse even the smallest of wags from Winnie. She and the puppy grew lean.They had this empty, dejected looks in their eyes. However, with time and plenty of love, they eventually bounced back to life.
For a long time after that, we would shake our heads and say “so, even animals have feelings!”.
Winnie is no more with us. How she left is story for another day. However, her memory still remains crystal clear. We’ve had so many dogs, but she remains the best.

PS: Apparently, my memory is not as good as I thought. My uncle just read this post me and reminded me that there were actually two puppies. The other one neither ate nor drank till it died few days later. This uncle of mine never liked, and still doesn’t like dogs. To the amazement of everyone, he too assisted in showing so much love to Winnie before she finally got back to normal.

©Soladoye-Adewole Tiwalade J


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